The Westin Singapore @ Marina View, Singapore

18 July 2014

On the recent Mobile Game Conference 2014, LerLer got the chance to try out some cuisine in The Westin Singapore.  I really like the rich chocolate cake.

 Mixed Organic Greens with Fresh Mango, California Raisin and Lemon Vinaigrette

 Oven Baked Herb Sea Bass, Seasonal Vegetables with Smoked Tomato and Mushroom Ragout

Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake, Chocolate Pops

The Westin Singapore
Asia Square Tower 2,
12 Marina View,
Singapore 018961
Tel: +65 6922 6888

Google Map:
GPS: 1.278306,103.850732


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Food Journal in Taiwan - Part 1

We tasted some great cuisine in Taiwan. Since there are too many foods, LerLer will break it down into a few posts. LerLer is getting hungry when writing all these posts.

Date: 4 August 2014

Dishes : 甕窯雞 (weng yao ji) NTD 650,  炒山野过猫(stir fried paku pakis) NTD170,  三星炒葱(stir fried spring onion)  NTD170, 鸡油控封桂竹笋(bamboo shot in chicken oil) NTD230,  什锦综合菇(stir fried mushroom) NTD 200,  清炒猫耳(stir fried cat ear) NTD200, 温泉白饭 (white rice) NTD50
Place :  Wen Yao Ji Restaurant  台湾古早味瓮窑鸡

Price : NTD 1,670 / RM 177.59

Review : We ordered small dishes. After all the dish been served, we are quite taken back. The serving portion were too big for us.This was the first time to taste "cat eat" vegetable. It is a kind of see weed species. The texture is very crunchy with some salty moisture in it.

Must Try: the tender  and juicyWen Yao Ji
Date: 5 August 2014

Dishes : stew pork rice, 4 different kind of fish soups

Place : Nan Fang Ao 南方澳

Price : NTD 415 / RM 44.13

Review : Long queue at the stew pork rice stall. Luckily we went there quite early

Must Try: Fish Soup

Date: 5 August 2014

Dishes : Takoyaki, yang chun noodle, stew pork rice, tempura
Place :  HuaLien Night Market

Price : NTD 300 / RM31.90

Review : Takoyaki is NTD 40 per box. Each box has 6 takoyaki. It is the cheapest and delicious we ever try

Must Try: -

Date: 6 August 2014

Dishes : breakfast
Place :  Suto House 石头之家

Price : -

Review : One of the best breakfast we ever tried. Every ingredients is so fresh

Must Try: Pizza
Date: 6 August 2014

Dishes : Stone steamboat, lover's tear 情人眼泪, Stir fried purple vegetable

Place Red Tile Roof Restaurant, 红瓦屋老地方文化美食餐厅- 阿美族风味餐

Price : NTD 1,540  / RM 163.73

Review : The steamboat pot is made out of penang leaf stem. Once the leaf stem is dry, it can withstand the sizzling hot stone. The waiter will put the hot stone into the soup. As the stone is very hot, it can cook up all the ingredient in the soup. This way, the soup has the sweet  fish soup taste without the fishy smell.

We are quite curious with lovers' tear too. lovers' tear  is a kind of mushroom can find after the rain. It is very different from black fungus in Malaysia. It has very thin and smooth texture. It is very suitable for old folks too.

Must Try: Stone steamboat

Date: 6 August 2014

Dishes : Mi Tai Mu, cucumber pickle, stew toufu and seaweed
Place : MiTai Mu Stall under bayam tree 榕树下米苔目铺

Price : NTD 300 / RM31.90

Review : Delicious

Must Try: Mi Tai Mu

Date: 7 August 2014

Dishes : Fried food

Place :  Liu He Night market, 六合夜市

Price : NTD 1,670 / RM 177.59

Review : -

Must Try: -

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Arty-Party @ JB Performing Art Center, Johor

6 September 2014

Arty-Party is a gathering of Johor Bahru's art community with an aim to discover local talents and introduce new and emerging artist in design, music, food, painting, handcrafts and aesthetic appreciation performers

For great art pieces viewing, remember to visit JB PAC. This photo album is just quarter of the exhibition

In conjunction with JB Art Festival, Beautiful Fighter, a special makeover project, specially organized by Arty-Party. 10 Female cancer patients and survivors from The Breast Cancer Support Group (BCSG) JB received makeovers in a professional studio in JB on the 1st of June 2014. The ladies pre and post makeover photographs will go on display for the first time ever.

Come and admire their strength and beauty. Be inspired by their stories in the video made for this occasion.

Retrieved from 

LerLer is having fun "tasting" some "pisang goreng"/ banana fritters. You can use your creativity to enjoy the drawing.

Ms. Chua Sue Ling is a 14 years old teenager with gifted talent.  This art piece was painted by Ms. Chua when she was 12 years old. This art piece is priced at RM1400. It is to raise funds for her father's leukemia treatment. Do check out the cancer support group in Johor Bahru too. We can show our support to them with our support.

LerLer is a art lover. Even though I can buy this art piece, I donated some sum for them. LerLer also wish to use this post to reach out to more readers. Cancer is not that scary. The scariest thing is ignore your surrounding. Let's do our part in helping each other.

The White Box @ JBPAC
Level 4M
Danga City Mall
80000 Johor Bahru

Operating Day: Monday to Sunday
Operating Hour: 12:00pm - 09:00pm
GPS: 1.474376, 103.755387

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Hakka Kelapa Sawit Art Festival 2014

31 August 2014

Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta
At here, a Love blossom.

Happy National Day to Malaysia! This year national theme is very unique. Love can mean everything. It can mean  patriotism, love for art, love for culture and love for hometown. I strongly feel it at Hakka Kelapa Sawit Art Festival. The villagers use mural and art to show their love toward their village and the country.

26 Koi Fish. It also symbolised 26 miles. "Miles" as the similar pronunciation  to "Koi" in Chinese.

The History of Kelapa Sawit New Village

Kelapa Sawit means oil palm in Malay.  Kelapa Sawit or 26 miles is a small village located at the north of Kulai . The village has approximately ten thousand population. Their income are mostly  based on agriculture sector.

Before 1949, the village was named "Chang An Village". It means longevity peacefulness in Chinese. In 1949, the British colonial declared emergency act. All villagers around 24 miles to 27 miles were required to move and live at 26 miles. Thus, Kelapa Sawit New Village was established.

Most of the villagers are Hakka Clan. Hakka clan is famous for their hardworking and determination spirit. For the past 65 years, The clan been working very hard to develop today result. 

The objectives of this festival are
  • To promote patriotism
  • To promote art or mural
  • To let younger generation to experience some traditional culture
  • To promote Hakka clan cuisine
Kelapa Sawit Festival Activity Area Map

Mr. Ang and I arrived the art festival around 10am. There were lots people busy snapping their camera and smartphone.

LerLer had captured lots among of photos. The photos can be viewed >>HERE<<.

This remind me of Pink Tecoma Flowers bloom season in Johor.

We did not manage to buy some Hakka cuisine due to the long queue. There was a rain around 12 noon too.

1 Malaysia spirit is at Kelapa Sawit. Vegetable charity sale for the local primary school. 

Although the event is over, visitors can still visit the village. The mural will be still on the wall.
Not to forget, the delicious Hakka cuisine can be found here too.

Kelapa Sawit Village
Jalan Kelapa Sawit, 
Kelapa Sawit,
81000 Kulai,

GPS: 1.6735743,103.5279283,18

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11th Johor Bahru Art Festival 2014 - Chop Demi Seni

24 August 2014

Image Credit:

Johor Bahru Arts Festival (JBAF) is pushing itself to greater heights for spectacular 11th year, highlighting Johor Bahru's unique identity as an up-and-coming city bursting to step into the world stage.
Various local and international art performance groups will be at JB Arts Festival.

The month-long festival will run from September 5 to October 4, and will feature an exciting
and eclectic array of international and local performances, exhibitions, workshops, competitive events and creative events which celebrate the best of arts and lifestyle in Johor

This year, the Festival Village will be located at Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru, while the festival’s main stage will once again be staged on the grounds of the iconic Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim on Bukit Timbalan. Performances this year will also be spread out to the Johor Bahru Performing Arts Centre (JBPAC) at Danga City Mall, Little Red Cube at Puteri Harbour, and Eight Lido.

Image Credit:

The 11th JBAF is jointly organised by the Johor Society for the Performing Arts (JSPA) in partnership with the Office of the Member of Parliament for Johor Bahru, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), the Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB), and Johor Tourism,
along with the engagement of the Johor Bahru community at large.

Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) is delighted to contribute to the JB Arts Festival. which has brought inspiring, challenging and innovative  programmes to Johor over ten years. We believe that Johor need to maintain a strong cultural identity and platforms for creative expression with the transformation of the region underway. The arts bring life and soul to a city and this is something at the forefront of our mind as we shape Iskandar Malaysia into a world class liveable city. Datuk Syed  Mohamed Syed Ibrahim - president / CEO of Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB).

Image Credit:

Festival Director Suzie Yap said she hopes that the public can truly understand and embrace the meaning of the festival, with its tagline ‘Pause for the Arts’. She wants Johor Bahru to take ownership of the JBAF and make time in their lives for the betterment of their own city.

“With all the rapid growth that JB faces today, stakeholders and the community at large need to come in and make JB a cool place to be – a cool place to live, work, and play to bring about the life, soul and passion of a world class city,” she said, adding that Johor Bahru’s holistic growth is just as important as its infrastructural development.

Image Credit:

The 11th JBAF 2014 has been made possible through the generosity of our family of sponsors, which include the Johor State Government, Iskandar Investment Berhad, UEM Sunrise Berhad, Astro, Yayasan Sime Darby, UM Land, Danga City Mall, Little Red Cube and Regency Specialist Hospital. Newcomers to the JBAF family also include the newly opened DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru as Official Accommodation Partner along with MyTeksi as Official Carriage Partner.

As a show of support for the 11th JBAF, MyTeksi is giving its users RM7 discount for all taxi rides in and around Johor Bahru, starting Sep 5th to October 4th. Passengers need to key in the promo code “11jbaf
when making the booking with MyTeksi app. The promo code is available for 2 uses each mobile number during the promotion period.

For more information on the performances and events, please contact 019-716 9900/  019-7139900, or visit the JB Arts Festival website at and JB Arts Festival Facebook page.

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