Just Want Coffee Factory 30 @ Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru

28 June 2014

One fine evening, Ma Cherie Johor Bloggers are hanging out  at Just Want Coffee Factory 30. Now, it is so famous that around 3:00pm, all seats been taken. The waitress need to inform the incoming customers to wait for 1 hour. Luckily, I go quite early. Around 1:30pm, Edlyn and I stand outside the cafe to be the third customer of the day.

There is a photography exhibition by Daniel Ooi Fine Gallery  at the second floor

Kyoto Genmaicha Tea RM13.00
I like the tea set. I take some time to understand how it function. The tea is just mild with wheat grain fragrance.

Mocha Hot Mocha RM10.00

Caramel Macchiato RM14.50
The caramel is nicely pour on the cream.

I more interested in the color texture of the coffee.

Iced Cappuccino

Chocolate Banana Waffle RM15.90
Frankly speaking, I find the waffle taste mediocre

Brother is a gentle man. He helps to pour the chocolate sauce so we can capture the moment

Blueberry cheesecake RM9.90

The EPIC expression of the day go to : A Walk With Aud
Having meal with her is very enjoyable. She will always have unexpected expression.

Not sure what coffee is this. I just like this photo. The focus and background is just what I want.

Ler's Reviews:
Service: 7/10
Delicious: 5/10
Parking: 5/10
(Ample of FREE parking lots)

Just Want Coffee Factory 30
No. 30, Jalan Mutiara Emas 5/3,
Taman Mount Auton,
81100 Johor Bahru,

Operating Day: Monday to Sunday
Operating Hour: 02:00pm - 11:00pm

GPS: 1.5610228, 103.78141299999993
Website: none

Reflection on Sungai Lembing Trip

Firstly, tones of thanks to
  • My best friend forever , BFF for inviting me to join the trip 
  • Mr. Chan, the most wonderful planner
  • Mr. Vincent, who help me carry bags 
  • Mountain guides for handling unexpected questions from a curious hiker
 Photo Credit: Unparalleled Grace
Sadly, my stamina is quite bad for this trip. I need to practice more yoga and Zumba.

Do you know that Mr.Chan and Mr. Vincent will visit Sungai Lembing every year?  His Facebook post answers my question. 

Image Credit: Mr. Chan

Indeed, some place have this attraction factor. You will always have the urge to go back and visit and meet the old friends there. Each visit will give you different feeling too. I really enjoy chatting with my bff and making new friends. But I am too shy to approach them on the trip. >.<

To conclude this trip's post, let me end my reflection with some ridiculous conversation during the hike.

Ler:      Encik, you pernah nampak gajah di hutan ini
Guide: Tak pernah...
Ler:      Encik, you pernah makan durian gajah?
Guide: apa tu?
Ler:     itu saya dengar lah. Itu gajah telan durian dan keluar sebiji tahi. Kan kami ada kopi luwak. mungkin kah kita ada durian gajah. Mereka cakap durian gajah paling sedap oohh
Guide: Mana boleh. Itu durian banyak duri. Dia mana boleh telan.
Ler:     itu saya tak pasti. saya ingat you pernah jumpa ke makan ke...
Guide: ...Aiyo!  ini soalan saya tak tau nak macam jawab....hahaha

English Translation:

Ler:     Sir. Have you seen wild elephant in this jungle
Guide: No
Ler:     Sir. Have you tried the elephant durian?
Guide: What is that?
Ler:      I heard it from someone and somewhere. Elephant swallows the whole durian and pop out as elephant durian. Since we have Luwak coffee, maybe we have the elephant durian too. They said elephant durian is the best in the world.
Guide:  How can it be? Durian has many thorns. I don't think the elephant can swallow it.
Ler:      That I am not sure. I thought you tried before.
Guide:  Aiyo! I not sure how to answer your question..hahaha

During the whole conversation, Mr. Chan and Mr. Vincent kept giggling only.....
#WTH #Shy #LerTravel

Transportation = RM50
Hiking trip + Hostel + BBQ dinner = RM70.00
Food : RM40.00

Contact Personnel

1. Ugalaxy Tour Bus: Mr. Chiam 017-654 8926 

2. Lohas Homestay: Ah Lam 016-921 2244 

3. 4WD: Lee (Ah Pek) 016-923 8639 

4. BBQ: Ah Fang 019-988 7736
Disclaimer: All names are distinguished to protect their identities.

Care United Johor Bahru Charity Dinner 2014

[Volunteer Post]

Care United Johor Bahru (Reg. No: 1419-05-10) (previously known as Care United Club Johor Bahru) was established on August 19, 2005 and to-date has 25 members who are dedicated to helping the underprivileged in the community, assist in charitable undertakings and build a more socially aware society.
~extracted from Care United Johor Bahru

Care United Johor Bahru's annual fundraising dinner and dance themed Masquerade Royale Ball & Ms Care United Pageant 2014 is happening on

Date: 9 August 2014
Day: Saturday
Time:  6.30pm 
Location Persada Johor International Convention Centre,
Jalan Abdullah Ibrahim,
P.O. Box 293,
80730 Johor Bahru,
Johor Malaysia 

GPS: 1.461604, 103.76087600000005

Admission by donation from RM180. All proceeds go towards community projects and all donations will receive a tax exempt receipt

For ticket information, please call 07 357 6899.


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Food Journal in Sungai Lembing

Never keep a Malaysian away from food. This post is full of food pornography photography. I only know Sungai Lembing is famous for its tofu and coconut biscuit. This trip, I got the chance to enjoy more dishes.

Hakka Clan Yong Toufu

Dried Sungai Lembing Noodle.

Yong Tou Fu. I have a feeling this is not home made. 

The fried wonton is cold. It is not popular among us. In the end, the guys eat up all.

This is the famous spring water bean curd or "shan shui tou fu "山水豆腐. The roufu have very smooth and soft texture. It is like "tou fu hua". Zup, It just slide down my throat.

Dishes : Hakka Yong Taofu, Sungai Lembing noodles
Place : Lim's Brother Stall 林兄弟面档, Sungai Lembing Hawker Center

Price : RM20.00

Review : Fried wonton not recommend. Shan shui toufu is the best I tasted. The sauce is a bit swet and sticky. The combination of sauce and toufu is wonderful.

Curry noodle
The curry gravy is nice. Young to fu and curry gravy is a good combination.

Shan Shui toufu from the famous stall, Ah Feng's noodle stall
Sadly, the tofu is burned at the based. The taste just went wrong. The tofu sauce quite watery and tasteless. The only thing I can praise the tenderness of the tofu. 

Dishes : Hakka Yong Taofu, Sungai Lembing noodles
Place :Ah Feng's Noodle stall 阿凤面,  Sungai Lembing Hawker Center

Price : RM21.00 (I help others to buy too)

Review : Long queue. Crystall, another hiker mentioned that Ah Siang's noodle stall served better tofu. I am quite full that day. Hopefully, can try it another time.

Tomato noodle. The history of the noodle is explained in previous post. The gravy is very sweet. Totally different from the usual spaghetti tomato sauce. The stall lady is very generous withe the noodle. Around 10 of us shared and tried this dish. Most of the ladies can accept the sweet taste.

Dishes : Tomato noodle
Place : This stall is located 2 stalls behind Ah Feng's noodle stall,  Sungai Lembing Hawker Center

Price : RM4.00

Review : Fried wonton not recommend. Shan shui toufu is the best I tasted. The sauce is a bit swet and sticky. The combination of sauce and toufu is wonderful.

Dishes :Fried pork roll, roasted pork
Place : Sunday Morning Market

Price : Bough by other hikers. We just eat >.<

Review : Fried pork roll is like "goh hiang". It have very crunchy pastry skin. The meat mince is well marinated, tender and juicy. The roast pork lost its crunchiness on the ski. It may due to "tabao" wrapping paper. The steam from the pork soften the skin's crunchiness.

Hakka Egg Tidbits

Dishes : Hakka Yong Taofu, Sungai Lembing noodles
Place :Sungai Lembing Noodle Factory

Price : RM10.00 for 3 packets

Review : A very delicious tidbits. I can't stop eating while watching world cup final.

Dishes : Soya Bean drink

Place : Sunday Morning Market

Price : RM1.80 per bottle

Review : This drink is very smooth. It does not have the texture like commercial soya bean. commercial soya bean have a thick texture that stick to the throat.

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Panorama Hill @ Sungai Lembing, Pahang

15 June 2014

Sore. My whole body is very sore. Due to lack of exercise, rainbow waterfall's hiking take effect on my body. Lesson learned. Never take youth for granted. Consistent exercise is needed. 

Round 05:00am, I wake up and do some clean up. Ehh no water. O.O Luckily, Mr. Chan explains to me that Sungai Lembing practice water rationing. We need to take water from the reserve tank. The consequence of sleep too early. I missed last night's briefing.
 After hiking for 1 hour, we reach the hill top. Damn with my stamina. On the west, you can see Sungai Lembing's village.

 A small trail toward telecom station.

 On the east, you can see the Cheras cave hill

Try caption this photo? I run out of idea. 

The cloud sea and sun rise are not so beautiful that day. The hill is too crowded with hikers. However, it is very easy to climb.

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