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Image Credit: Hishop

Picture speak louder than word. I just curious which one catch your attention better.

Recently, I attended Start up Academy 5 days seminar, #MSALaunch. The seminar is organised by MaGIC Academy. One of the speaker, Mr. Shaun Lee, Founder of MilkADeal mentioned that the advantages of engaging bloggers community for marketing campaign. One of the example attracted my attention.


Girls. Why should you donate your old bra?

  • Stop Wastage
  • Employment for underprivileged women and girls
  • Safe Social Integration
  • Sustainable
  • Dignity
For more information, read it up at The Uplift Project

As mentioned by Mr. Shaun Lee, Hishop even received big parcel of bra from Hong Kong. That is the power of blogger community. So, join up the program and help out. 

Guys. If you can help this campaign by spreading the word too. you can encourage your mum, sisters, friends to donate their bra too. If you are too shy, just send them this link for some read up.

How to Participate?

  • Share the word to your families, friends, colleagues and the world!
  • Blog about it, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and don’t forget to #HiShopMy & #GimmeYourBra (Make it public, then we will be able to see your tag)
  • Upon submitting your parcel, do include your email address as we will be giving you RM20 cash voucher (with minimum purchase of RM99)!

If you are looking to recycle the bras in your wardrobe, or you prefer to give brand new bras, feel free to deliver it to us to the address below:

HiShop Malaysia
22-3 Jalan PJU 8/5G
Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia.

Terms & Conditions:

  • We do accept used bras, however hygiene is still everybody’s concern right? Please ensure the bras are relatively clean, not torn, and clasps are not broken.
  • Bra collection ends on the 31st of October 2014.

Extracted from : HI Life by Hishop

For more information,

Hash tag: #HiShopMY , #GimmeYourBra

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7 Must Visit Places in Sungai Lembing

17 June 2014

Sungai Lembing, was once the richest tin ore producer in Pahang. Due to the drastic drop of tin price, the mining factory has to close down in 1986. Since then, this once glorious town has transformed into a nostalgic tourism places. Almost every weekend, Sungai Lembing is packed with people indulge to experience Mother Nature, mining information as well as enjoy local delicacies. The 7 must visit places in Sungai Lembing are as followed.

1) Rainbow Waterfall 

The waterfall is believed to be discovered by the local aborigine who was collecting rattan (Rotan). This undisturbed natural waterfall is located deep in the forest. We took around 1 hour on 4 wheel drive vehicle to the nearest base camp. Then, we hiked for 30 minutes to reach the waterfall.

To be able view the rainbow depends on one luck and weather. Around 9.30 am the first ray of rainbow appears in the middle of waterfall. Around 10am, a slight curve rainbow appeared link to the rock near the cliff. Around 10.30am, some visitors claimed to see double rainbows. At around 11am, visitors swim or walk toward the cliff. Here circular shape rainbow

2) Panorama Hill or Bukit Panorama

The staircase toward “heaven” was mended a few years back. Visitors can easily walk up to see the beautiful scenery.  Around 6.30am, face toward east, visitors can see the awesome sun rise. Getting bored with the sun rise view, turn around and face toward west. Ocean of white clouds blanket the hills below your feet. Tilted a bit, visitors can see the street light in Sungai Lembing Village. It is like the starry night on earth.  Hikers with good stamina take around 30 minutes to reach the peak. 

3) Hanging Bridge over Sungai Lembing

The houses are built by the bank of Sungai Lembing which are connected by a few hanging bridge. Visitors enjoy the soft breeze when crossing the bridge. Sometime, it may sway a bit, due to the multiple steps  of other visitors. 

4) Sungai Lembing Museum

A museum stands on the top of the hill, overlook the once Pahang’s richest manufacturer of  tin ore. In the museum, visitors can learn the history of Sungai Lembing and some old technologies to of  tin ore mining. It used to be free entrance. Now the entrance ticket charged RM2 for Malaysian. For Non-Malaysian is RM5.

5) Mining Tunnel Museum

Old mining tunnel is transformed into a museum. Visitor can experience the hard core life of mining worker when they were inside the mining tunnel. This museum may not be as lively as The Hobbit’s holes, but it is truly an amazing and informative experience.

6) Sunday Morning Market

There are many stalls selling different types of herbs and local delicacies in the Sunday Morning market.  

7)Sungai Lembing Noodle Factory

This factory has been established for 78 years. It has been passed down to the third generation. The owner uses fresh mountain water to prepare the noodle. Then he uses firewood to cook the noodle. The cooked noodle is left to cool before packing into sell-able sizes.

* This article is meant for Visit Malaysia Year 2014.Due to some unforseen reason, it was not selected.

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Trattoria Asiatico Italian @ Mount Austin, Johor Bahru

12 October 2014

Trattoria is an Italian-style eating establishment, less formal than a ristorante, but more formal than an osteria. There are generally no printed menus, the service is casual, wine is sold by the decanter rather than the bottle, prices are low, and the emphasis is on a steady clientèle rather than on haste cuisine. The food is modest but plentiful (mostly following regional and local recipes) and in some instances is even served family-style (Example. at common tables).
Extracted from Wikipedia

The chef explained the same thing. LerLer can wear casual smart attire to enjoy great Italian cuisines. Frankly speaking, I prefer to wear T-shirt and Jean to move around.

Home made pasta

I have tried quite a number of pasta before. However, I not yet tried home made pasta. Thank to Chef Lance's invitation, I got the chance to try out. Firstly, let start of with some appetizers.

18 Months Aged Parma Ham with Melon RM28

This dish remind me of the movie "Eat, Pray, Love". Parma Ham is abit too salty for me. Slice of ham need to combine with melon for the correct balance. Sweet and salty combination.

Blue Swimmer Crab with Watermelon RM22
Crab fresh is mixed with tomato, vegetables, yoghurt and mayonnaise into salad. The salad and watermelon is very refreshing taste

 Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese, Fresh Tomato & Presto Sauce RM25
The cheese has very light taste. It is very different from the cheese I eat before. With just a small bite, tomato juice will burst out. Mozarella has a very independent texture that go well with tomato.

Seared Hand Dive Hokkaido Scallops with Asparagus Ham RM25
The scallops is half cooked. This is to let diner to taste the fresh scallop texture. It is very chewy.

 Home Made Squid Ink Tagliolini Pasta with Crab & White Wine Sauce RM32
Home Made Squid Ink pasta is very light in colour because no artificial food dye is added. Home made pasta will become sticky when cold. It is best eat it while warm.

Spagetti with Sea Urchin RM48
This is LerLer favourite dish. How deep is your love? After we finish this dish, I just feel like licking off all the sea urchin sauce. NO, I do not lick off. I use fork to scrap it off. Jennifer almost laugh out.

Home Made Fettuccini Pasta with Beef & Truffle Veal Jus RM38
Truffle is one of the highest prised food. The truffle smell is very unique and fragrant. Well done beef may be a bit hard to chew. The fettucini is very nice to chew. 

Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek with Creamy Mash & Truffle Beef Sauce RM48
This is the first time I see dish served in tight glass bottle. The truffle smell is kept tightly in the bottle. The moment the cap is open. Poof the fragrant will hit your nostril. Interesting right? After 4 hours of stewing, the beef cheek is very tender and soft. MELT is the right word to describe the beef texture. It is very suitable for old folks and children. Mash potato is very special too. It is in molecular form. It is so creamy. I can't differentiate it from whipping cream.

Pan Roasted Sea Bass With Beetroot Mashed & Seafood Caciuccio Sauce RM38
Cacciucco is an Italian fish stew native to the western coastal towns. When pan roasted sea bass, some cacciucco will sprinkle on the fish to increase the favour. Every bite of the fish is very juicy.

Creme Brulee RM15

Hazelnut & Chocalate Cake with Vanila Ice Cream RM16
There are many chocolate cake sold in Johor Bahru. The spcialty of the cake is hazelnut. The taste of hazelnut is very strong taste. I almost mistaken it as nutella.

Ler's Reviews:
Halal?: Non-Halal
Service: 8/10
Delicious: 7/10
Parking: 4/10
(It is near to Sunway College Johor Bahru. 
Thus, driver may take some time to find parking lots)

Trattoria Asiatico Italian
G-07, Akademik Suite,
Jalan Austin Heights Utama,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100 Johor Bahru

Operating Day: Monday to Sunday
Operating Hour: 12:00noon to 10:00pm

GPS: 1.558980,103.779556

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Ladies Outing Day with Uber

28 September 2014

Ladies have dreamed too. Like the ‘Royals’ lyric, I imagine myself as Queen LerLer. I don’t need to rule others. I just need the power to rule my life.

And we'll never be royals (royals).
It don't run in our blood,
That kind of luxe just ain't for us.
We crave a different kind of buzz.
Let me be your ruler (ruler),
You can call me queen Bee
And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule.
Let me live that fantasy.
Extracted from Royals - Lorde

 In this hectic city, I dream to be a rich "Tai Tai"/Lady Boss. My driver will fetch me everywhere I want. I don’t need to worry about finding a parking lot or parking fee. The most important factor is safety.

Uber service fulfilled my requirement. However, Uber Malaysia is clearing some doubts with Ministry of Transportation. When the situation is better, I will share my wonderful experience.

Ladies Outing Day Itinerary

12:00pm  Pick up by Uber
01:00pm  Reach City Square
01:15pm  Visit 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo
02:00pm  Chill out at Doi Chaang Coffee Cafe
02:00pm  Pick up by Uber
03:30pm  Late Lunch at Lemon Tree Restaurant, Taman Melodies
05:00pm  Pick up by Uber
06:00pm   Fruitti Spa at Cres Wellness, Taman Mount Austin
08:00pm   Pick up by Uber back home

Thanks to Kim's invitation, we got the chance to visit 100  Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo. There are many Doraemon models there.  Have you ever wonder?

  • Why Doraemon does not have ears?
  • Why Doraemon is blue color while his sister is yellow colour?
  • How do Nobita look like in the adulthood?
  • Have you seen Nobita room before?
  • Are you Doraemon fan?
Answers for the questions above can be found in the expo.

Sandwich club  from Lemon Tree Restaurant. Girls just chat for hours in this cosy restaurant. That is why I choose sandwich. Sandwich can still taste good when it get chill. 

To end the day, we relaxed ourselves at Cres Wellness.
How is the experience of SPA? Read :

To conclude, ladies need to pamper ourselves too. 6 working days, house chores, bills to pay are hectic tasks indeed. Please spend some time with your love one and yourselves. Relationship need maintenance. Not to forget, rest is for longer journey. Once recharge, we can walk toward our dream again

For more images, you can view it HERE

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Fruitti SPA with Cres Welness @ Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru

28 September 2014

Once in a while, lady should spend some time to pamper herself too. Eryn, Kim and I were invited to Cres Wellness to relax ourselves. I was given princess type service, Fruitti SPA.

I was instructed to wear a clean white robe before massage.  The bed has warming function. The massage therapist will tune the temperature around 38 degree Celcius. Some customer may request for higher temperature. I prefer the temperature around 38 to 40 degree Celsius.

Full body massage scene is not suitable for blog posting. I will explain it in word.

The massage therapist will start the massage from legs to the upper torso. Relaxing aromatic oil was applied during the massage. Next, rose petal bath salt and yogurt mask are mixed together for body scrub.

When the yogurt mask is applied on my body, I feel like a plate was washing up in warm water. All the dirt is scrubbed away. Then, my whole body was covered with yogurt mask.  (Yes, whole body.  *shy). Massage therapist wrapped me in the hot blanket to relax my muscle. At this point, I imagine myself as hot dog bread. Yogurt mask has moisturizing and prevents hydration qualities. The wrapping process took around 10 to 15 minutes (Yes, hot dog bread is cooked too)

My favorite session is here, bath time. The luxury of soaking in a tub full with bubble is my small dream. The room is lit up with several small candles. It is very romantic. The first moment I step in,  lemon grass and orange fragrant capture my nostril. I feel like a princess this time. This reminds me of Princess Neverland. HAHAHA this moment, I transformed into Princess LerLer.  (I admit that I like to imagine)

Hungry? Don’t worry. Hot drink and biscuit were served.  I get very hungry after playing with all the bubble. ^^

I took my own sweet time to bath. After 30 minutes, I reluctantly left the bubble tub to get changes. A small bowl of lotion was placed in the spa room. I applied the lotion. This is to keep my skin moisture. 
I felt relieved and alive again.  NO lighting adjustment in the above photo. #SOOC

I got to enjoy a cup of hot tea after the SPA process. I bought my mum a facial treatment package. Stay Tune for my mum’s transformation.

Wish to enjoy Fruitti SPA? Check it out HERE

Cres Wellness
Block E-01-05, E-01-06, 
Tebrau City Residences, 
Jalan Harmonium 24/2, 
Taman Desa Tebrau,
81100 Johor Bahru,

Operating Day:  Monday to Sunday
Operating Hours: 10:00am - 8:00pm

Google GPS: 1.5515835,103.7953798

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