Claytisfy Chicken Rice Restaurant 煲满意砂煲鸡饭 @ Bukit Indah, Johor

 24 January 2015

My new weekend hobby is exploring new food at Bukit Indah and Gelang Patah area. Bukit Indah and Gelang Patah area are blooming more prosperity since  Tuas Causeway. This time, I get the chance to try Mr. Ang's favorite clay pot chicken rice shop.

Experienced waiter is stirring the clay pot chicken rice at a safe distance.

The boss mentioned to me that they used gas to boiled the rice. Some diners prefer the clay pot rice to boiled by charcoal. However, the boss explained that the rice was boiled to fragrant in clay pot. This method is seldom used by chefs. As it will take 15 to 20 minutes for the rice to boil.

In my opinion, good food come with patience and love. Although we waited for 15 minutes, the rice is really good
Claypot Chicken Rice RM15.50
The fragrance of the rice already hit my nostril while the waiter stirring the rice. The waiter is very experience in mixing the rice to the perfect state with black soy sauce and salted fish. The highlight of this clay pot rice is the thin rice crust at the bottom of the pot. I forget to take that shoot. >.<

Old Cucumber Pork Rib Soup RM7.00
The soup has been boiled for hours. All the old cucumber essence is is the soap. Slurp.

Ler's Reviews:
Halal? : NON HALAL
Service: 8/10
Delicious: 7/10
Parking: 4/10
(Ample of Free Parking Lots before 6pm. Less parking lots during peak hours (7pm to 9pm)
Claytisfy Chicken Rice Restaurant 煲满意砂煲鸡饭

Claytisfy Chicken Rice Restaurant 煲满意砂煲鸡饭
24, Jalan Indah 8/15,
Taman Bukit Indah,
81200 Johor Bahru,

Operating Hours
Tuesday to Sunday
12:00pm - 3:30pm
6:00pm - 9:30pm
Close on Monday

GPS: 1.4785567,103.6501524

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5 Things About Youtube Acting You Want To Know

22 December 2014

Director: Hi! Do Macherie Johor Bloggers want to try out video shooting?
LerLer: Wow! Sound interesting. Let me discuss with my girls

That how Macherie Johor Bloggers first embark  onto video shooting. Tony from Johor Kaki also did a simple video production before. We were very grateful for the invitation from Infinete Loop Media. We made our way into Youtube. Even though is it just "Kalafe" / small actor characters,  Mr. Ang's friends support the idea too. That was the start of our small acting experience.

1) Simple Make Up is The Basic Rule

Simple make up is essential for video shooting
For ladies, you are required to apply  some foundation/BB Cream/CC Cream on face. The lighting equipment that used on production is really bright. I was advised not to look into the light. It will affected our eyesight for a moment. If you doesn't apply foundation, you will look like vampire under the bright light. Thanks to Carinn. She help me with the make up. Some lighter colour powder help to highlight my nose and cheek bone.

2) Follow Production Crew's Instruction

Director and crew members will give you a briefing on the story board. After listen to the story board, I have a feeling it will be just eating or walking around scene. The next conversation shocked me.

Director: Louis! so who will be the main character?
Louis: I think she will the right person. ( His eye was on me)
LerLer (Thinking): May be is Sherlyn ( that was beside me)
Director: Yeah. I have the same thought too. LerLer! you will be the main character.
LerLer: WHAT??? Sherlyn will be a better choice right? Right?

Sherlyn was wearing a very beautiful floral dress. While me? I was wearing my office wear with very light make up. In the end, we respect production crew's decision.

3) Waiting is Part of The Shooting  Process

We can't eat the food because the dishes are props

Food preparation need time. Every scene need time to set up. Every shoot need practice.

4) Again, Again, and Again

Guess how many time I walk through the door?

Answer: I walked 8 times for 10 seconds scene. I really salute to the production crew.

5) Many Scenes for 30 Seconds Video

Behind Scene
A simple scene need to take from different angle. Thus, the action is repeated. The video crew and lighting crew  keep need to move the equipment around.

In summary, it was a great experience to work out with the video production team. We have better understanding on video production. So, check out our video at below.

Uptown Cafe

Uptown Cafe
No 66, Jalan Pertama 1,
Pusat Perdagangan Danga Utama,
81300 Johor Bahru,

Operating Hour
Monday to Sunday
10:00am - 11:45am

GPS: 1.5209346,103.6796908

Hash Tag: #UpTownCafeJB

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Be Coffee Cafeteria @ Taman Molek, Johor Bahru

29 December 2014

Be Coffee Cafeteria is located at the corner shop of Jalan Molek 1/5C. It is formerly known as Just Want Coffee, Taman Molek. Be Coffee's boss have different idea on coffee. Thus, he set up Be Coffee Cafeteria. We are great to be invited to try out some western food in this nice ambiance cafeteria.

Atlantic Salmon Salad RM19.90
Fresh cut Atlantic salmon, lightly grilled and carefully place onto fresh greens. Topped with our homemade Lemon dill dressing. I like the dressing as it is sweet sour. The olive oil and lemonade blended well.

Creamy Pumpkin Soup RM13.90
Fresh pumpkin  is stewed with chicken soup. Yet it is not oily at  all. The soup do not contain any pumkin fiber. It is well blended with cream. Thus, it is sweet and thick.

Hot Chocolate RM9.90
A warm drink to lighten my busy day.

Strawberry Smoothies RM9.90
Fresh strawberries are well blended with milk and ice. You can add some syrup to sweeten this pinky beverage.

Classic Egg Benedict RM20.90
No one can stop you to enjoy great egg Benedict at night. 2 brightly yellow eggs to brighten up your night. Don't worry! you can still enjoy a dreamless night after consume 2 eggs.^^

look at the fresh egg yolk slowly flow out. After this shot, I just grab it and chew. No one can stop me from enjoying this egg, Muahahahaha
Our poached egg, tender on the outside and creamy inside topped with the buttery hollandaise sauce. Served on our daily baked muffin  and ham.

Wild Mushroom Rosti RM18.90
The Swiss style prepared sliced potato with butter sauteed button mushroom. Rosti is sliced popato mixed with flour and fry it. This dish takes around 20 minutes to prepare. I like this dish as it is not oily at all. The crunchy crust with soft texture keep inviting me more bites.

Club Sandwich RM15.90

Daily baked  toasted bread sandwiched with ham , tomato, cheese, lettuce, cucumber. Sided with French fries. The egg is fried till very fluffy texture.

Wild Mushroom Spaghetti RM16.90

Triple Royal Chocolate RM9.90
chocolate cheese, mascarpone cheese, chocolate cake. Mr. Ang like the rich chocolate taste.

Carrot Cake RM9.90
Cream cheese topping, shredded coconut and  carrot filling

Granola RM12.90
I find this dish special. It is made out of layer of yogurt, layer of nuts, layers of yogurt, layer of oat, layer of yogurt and lastly layer of fresh strawberries.

Vanilla Affogato RM9.90
I have a very different mechanism. I enjoy the nicely soaked espresso vanilla ice cream. BUT.... I drift to dreamland  after tasting this dish. YES, espresso is not my "drink". It help me to  sleep better.

Cold Brewed RM12.90
The coffee was first extracted then chilled for 12 hours. Thus, you can taste the great coffee taste. However, try to order this drink during day time. According to Edlyn, it is too energizing for our brain.

Ler's Reviews:
Service: 8/10
Delicious: 7/10
Parking: 9/10
(Ample of Free Parking Lot)

Be Coffee Cafeteria
1, Jalan Molek 1/5C,
Taman Molek,
81100 Johor Bahru,

Operating Hour
Monday to Sunday
8:00am - 11:30pm

GPS: 1.5304892,103.7915521

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Fish Culture Cafe鱼玩食家 @Sibu, Sarawak

28 December 2014

Time for lunch. We are very happy to have the newly married friend to join us for lunch after the wedding. We really have great fun to discuss on the post mortem on the wedding. This is widen our knowledge on preparing our future wedding. LOL who will be the next bride? We will continue after after lunch.

Fish culture cafe is just stone throw away from our accommodation. There are many choices.

Braised Pork Rice RM8.90

Cooling Red Date Beverage RM6.90

Yong Tu Fu Soup
We prefer the yong tou fu of bitter gourd and cili.

 One tray of dim sum is RM4.20

Fu Zhou Fish Ball
 The famous Fu Zhou Fishball. My Sibu's friend teach me the steps to eat it
1) Use spoon to scoop a fishball
2) Use a chopstick to poke the fish ball. You can see the meat soup will flow out. It will be collected onto the spoon

3) Bite the fish ball into smaller size
4) Eat it slowly as it is pipping hot

The pork meat is well marinated. The fish ball has very bouncy texture. It is worth waiting for this dish

Fried Dumpling

Ler's Reviews:
Service: 8/10
Delicious: 7/10
Parking: 9/10
(Ample of Free Parking Lot)

Fish Culture Cafe鱼玩食家
No. 28, Lorong Wong King Huo 3A,
96000 Sibu,
(Next to Medan Mall)

Operating Hour
Monday to Sunday
8am - 3pm

GPS: 2.2935909,111.8428341

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Hong Fu Seafood洪福海鲜 @ Sibu, Sarawak

27 December 2014

I like wedding lunch banquet. It give the visitors enough time to rest after the lunch banquet. After 5 hours of "hibernation", we walk toward Hong Fu Seafood Restaurant for our dinner.

PS: Stay Tune for My JiMui Experience

 Philippine Pork Knuckle RM36.00

I tested this famous pork knuckle back in year 2009. May be we been working for quite some time in big city. We were quite surprise with the price. It seem to us there are not much increase over the  year. Let taste it and check out the taste
 For that moment, we let go of the fact of lard. Yummy. The pork knuckle has very crispy skin while maintaining the meat tenderness.  Pork knuckle has high contain of collage. It is so interesting to see one of my friend slowing chewing the collagen.

In my opinion, the sauce compliment the dish well. The sauce has very strong lime smell. It is quite sour. Thus, it go very well with every bite.

 Coconut RM2.50

Fried Milin with Red Wine RM12.00
This vegetable is very tender. I like it fried with red wine. It will have this aromatic grape smeel with a bit of sour taste.

Fu Rong Fired Egg RM10.00

Heby mentioned that this dish should have more prawns.
Total Cost: RM79 for 6 persons
Ler's Reviews:
Service: 8/10
Delicious: 8/10
Parking: 9/10
(Ample of Free Parking Lot)

Hong Fu Seafood Sdn Bhd 洪福海鲜
No. 1,3,5,7 & 9, 
Lorong Wong King Huo 3A,
Jalan Wong King Huo,
96000 Sibu, 

Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday
8am - 2pm
5pm - 12am

GPS: 2.2935909,111.8428341

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