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Yusbe Chicken Chop @ Gelang Patah, Johor

29 March 2015

Mr. Ang brings  me to explore good food in Gelang Patah. Yusbe Chicken Chop is famous for its' cheap and delicious chicken chop. Goos Service Tax (GST) is around the corner. We decided to try out this cheapest chicken chop in this area.

After the meal, I chatted with the lady boss. She is the relative of the famous Hutan Bandar Chicken Chop stall. Her family is currently running 5 branches in Johor Bahru.

Grilled Chicken Chop RM8.00
It is great to enjoy a hot chicken chop. I informed the lady boss the poor food quality in Hutan Bandar. She mentioned that she was aware of the problem. They are looking for a better solution in near future.
Burger Set RM5.00

 Ler's Reviews:
Halal? :  HALAL
Tax?: No
Service: 7/10
Delicious: 5/10
Parking : 5/10
(Quite hard to find a parking lots around 9pm onward)

Yusbe Chicken Chop
11-01, Jalan Nusaria 11/4,
Taman Nusantara,
81550 Gelang Patah,

Operating Hour:
Monday to Sunday
5:00pm - 2:00am
(Close on Tuesday)

GPS: 1.4599134,103.5788803

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Passion Food Cafe & Bakery New Menu April 2015, Johor Bahru

20 March 2015

Ms. Loo (Passion Food Cafe's entrepreneur)  invited Macherie Johor Bloggers to try out their new menu. When I received her invitation card, I was relatively surprised. April 2015 was the most challenging month in the year 2015. Malaysia was going to implement Good Service Time (GST). Frankly speaking, it may be a confusing month. However, life still need to go on. My tummy still need food. Let check out their new menu.

No need to pay service tax in Passion Food Cafe & Bakery, Johor Bahru

Forest Mushroom Soup RM9.90
Every spoon of the soup is full of mushroom bits
King of Mushroom ! RM12.90
Fresh white button mushrooms are coated with golden brown crispy skin. The girls had waited for me for 15 minutes. The mushrooms still maintained the crispness. We girls finished this dish off in 3 minutes.

 Eggs Hemingway RM16.90
A well balance meal of carbohydrates, protein and vitamin. The spinach was well cooked with garlic. Some girls may find the garlic smell a bit strong. For me, the poach egg attracted me. The hollandaise sauce compliment the poach egg. 

Golden Squid Ink Pasta RM18.90
Squid ink pasta is famous for the deep black color. After eating this dish, I strongly recommend diner to drink lots of water. The squid ink may stained teeth. It will give an impression of horror movie. This didn't stop our imagination. We were joking on the effect of scaring someone else after eating this dish.

Pulled Duck Confit Burger RM22.90

Explosive Meatball Pasta RM16.90
Chicken meatball with cheese in it. Cheese will flow out when you bite into half

Strawberry Paradise RM12.90

Chocolate Chestnut Truffle RM9.90

Dark Chocolate Log RM7.90
My favorite cake among the three cakes.

Cotton Candy Espresso RM12.00

 Ler's Reviews:
Tax?: 5% Gov. Tax, 6% GST
Service: 7/10
Delicious: 8/10
Parking : 5/10
(Quite hard to find a parking lots around 7pm to 8pm)
Passion Food Cafe & Bakery

14, Jalan Perang, 
Taman Pelangi
80400 Johor Bahru

Operating Hour
Monday to Sunday
11:00am - 10:00pm
(Close on Friday)


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Passion Food Cafe and Bakery launched their new menu on April 2015. Link: On the way
Posted by Ler Travel Diary on Friday, 3 April 2015

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My Dream Honeymoon with Fashion Valet and Luxe Nomad

31 March 2015

Mr. Ang is an engineer. He is very good in fixing car and house. He is a wonderful guy. He will help girls to carry heavy stuffs. He will be very quiet when we girls are chatting away.  There was an incident that I will never forget. One day, I felt sick in the office. Once he heard the news,  he rushed to my office. He carried me down the staircase to his car and sent me to clinic. I was very touch and grateful.
Image Credit:

However, he is not romantic type of guy. We both are working adult. I not too sure how we ended up discussing buying ring and settle down. I didn't have a romantic or surprise wedding proposal. I took some time to “interrogate” his engineer friend. Most of them settle down without a wedding proposal too. In the end, I give up on the idea of having a surprise wedding proposal.

Dress: Sandra Dress in Orange
Earring: Beaded Embellishment Earrings in Blue
Bag: Mini Bucket in Poppy
Swimsuit: Island Floral One Piece in Navy
Shoes: Melissa UltraGirl + Jason Wu III in Black and Grey

I'd like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad. I wish to have something different for my on honeymoon. As we both like outdoor activities, we would like to try out the different outdoor activities.

Image Credit:

You may be wonder. Why there is a swimming suit in the poster? Well, I am quite lazy. When I see swimming pool, river, waterfall or beach, I just wish to jump in. Since I wear the swimsuit inside, I can just slip off the dress. Place all the stuffs in the bag. Dump. Jump into the water and have fun.
Image Credit:
Paresa Phuket has this beautiful infinity pool. How can you resist the temptation?
Image Credit:
 The earring design remind me of my aborigine friends in Sarawak. Their accessories have the similar design.

Image Credit:
Vibrant color is able to represent my out going character. I like the simple design of the dress.

Conclusion, I hope that my new attire can give Mr. Ang a surprise. Sometime, we need a bit of "spices " for our relationship. If he don't have the gene to do it, let me do it then. ^^

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5 LOHAS Experience in Taiwan

My family and I visited Taiwan last year, 2014. It was a memorable trip for us. My family prefer "back to nature" trip. The Taiwan trip let us understand the meaning of LOHAS.

LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability, a market segment focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable loving and social justice.

Extracted from

Taiwan is considered  a treasure island. The island has a variety of delicacies. Exciting events or festivals that happened almost every month. Not to forget, national park that is well maintained. Let me share with you my LOHAS experience in Taiwan.

#1 Cycling in Park

We are very surprised that Taiwan has great cycling path way in most of the small villages. Most of the villages we visited has similar story. The village used to be log farm or agriculture industry. As years go by, price fluctuated and many people left the industry. In order for the village to survive. Tourism is introduced to these villages. The old railways are either transformed into museum, jogging track or cycling track.

The existing railway provided a great cycling track for the cyclists. Cyclists are able to enjoy the beauty of nature and breeze. Try it yourselves.

Link: Cycling in Baihe Village

#2 Jungle Trekking

It was raining season during May 2014. We enjoy our walk by wearing rain coat or holding umbrella. It was quite an unique experience to walk in the park or jungle with umbrella.

#3 Fresh from the Farm

 Most of the home stay owner have their own farm. We have the chance to eat fresh vegetables and fruit from their farm.
The most unforgettable meal in Baihe village. All ingredients are from the the owner farm or neighbor farm.

#4 Creative Home stay concept

Stone House in Hualien district was the most impressed home stay  for our trip. The walls of the house was covered with grey pebbles. We also come across some hostel with their own creativity on it.

Link: Taiwan Accomodation

#5 Friendly People

We did not feel any fear while walking on the midnight street. Although most of the street or shops were written in Chinese, my English educated dad  didn't face trouble in communication. He can used dialect to chat with the local. Hokkien and Hakka dialect were widely used by local.

English may not be widely used in Taiwan. When we lost our way or ask for information, they will explain with great detail. We were offered tea when we are having our morning walk or evening walk. It is quite easy for us to mix around.

Flight ticket from Malaysia to Taiwan (Round Trip) is less than RM500 per person. Do look out for great flight ticket with different airline. Mr. Ang and LerLer are looking forward to have honeymoon or ore wedding photo shoot in Taiwan too. May be we can try cliff jumping like the recent Sony A6000 advertisement in Taiwan too. ^^

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