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Rainbow Waterfall @ Sungai Lembing, Pahang


14 June 2014

After 5 hours of driving from southern of Malaysia, we reach the silent little village, Sungai Lembing. The village that only have one main street. There is only one coffee shop on the street. Believe or not, the guys are just amazing. After driving non-stop for 5 hours, they can just jump off the car and watch football. Amazing. Even though world cup game is 4 years once, they are determined to catch the show. While not for us, girls. Girls immediately flop down on the chair and drift into slumber land. Occasionally, I still can hear "GOAL !", "OOOOHHHH", "EISHH". 

Around 4am or 5am, another group of friends arrive from Kuala Lumpur. I don't know the actual time they arrived. I am in slumber land. NO one can disturb my beauty sleep.

Do you know Sungai Lembing practice water rationing too?
Every night around 10:00pm to 06:00am, there will be no water. That why most of the hostels have lots of water tanks for reservation. 

Around 05:30am, I can not find a place to brush my teeth. We really search around the place and find one tap with water. Luckily, our organiser, Mr. Chan arranges a room for us to clean up.

 After breakfast, we move on to the next task. Our tour operators arrange 3 four wheel drive vehicle for us. How many of us? Hmm. There are around 37 of hikers for our group. That why need 3 vehicles. How I wish I can drive this vehicle. This is my dream car.(PS: still working toward this dream. The road tax, petrol price car loan........ headache)

 Here we go. On the way to base camp.

Since first portion of the road is quite easy to drive, the driver drive quite fast.  I enjoy the chill morning breeze on my face. Then again, I wish to drive this car. I prefer to be on the steering. But I think my BFFs don't feel good if I am the driver. Sigh....

 We reach the first photo shot location.

 This location, we can enjoy beautiful sun rise and cloud sea. After 10 minutes of photo shoting, we move on. This photo is taken around 07:00am.

YES. The best part of 4WD drive is going through small stream. Girls on another car are screaming with thrill when passing through the stream. I do not scream. I am focusing on capturing the moment. Then again. Why not me driving?.......... I prefer to feel the thrill behind the steering.

 We pass through a logging farm. I just feel sad to see so many trees been chopped off. Come to think again, no logging, no money, economy not good. Hopefully, there are no illegal logging and the forest department do their part in monitoring.

The road become more bumpy and challenging. Hikers that sit on last row is having a difficult time to balance.
 Another small stream to drive through. This is the most difficult part through out the drive. There is a very sharp turn after this little stream. The driver need some skill to control the pedal, break and hand break. At some point, while adjusting the pedal, the vehicle will slide back a bit. That is the thrill of controlling a 4WD vehicle. Then again, I am not the driver. For my friends from East of Malaysia, they are so familiar to 4WD vehicle. They feel nothing for this route. While another car, the girls keep screaming. Me? Busy enjoy the scenery and taking photos.

 Around 07:30am, we reach the base camp.

Photo Credit: Mr. Chan

With unity we stand. With Hamony, we strive. The cause shall never end. As long as we're alive. We're one, we're one Always, always.
~ extracted from Anthem of Unity

  The water current at base camp is quite fast. Everyone is helping each other to get through

 Walking toward rainbow waterfall.

 A serene small water fall while on the hiking route.

 Around 300m or 400m of the route, I can see the cliff. 

There is a small "traffic jam"  here. I turn around to shot some photos. While waiting for the traffic clearance, a tour guide offer me some spring water. There is another small stream on the right of this path. The spring water is very fresh and free of chemical smell. The most interesting part is the tour guide use leaf make into a container. I miss that shot.

 There is a Chinese idiom to describe this scenario. 人山人海。 It mean people mountain people sea.

Photography enthusiasts are taking their location for the 09:30am rainbow.

 Photo credit: Mr. Chan or Ms. Lavender ( Can't remember which friend's photo)

Tour guides are busying preparing some refreshments for us. Thanks to them, we can enjoy some snacks. All the rubbish are collected and bring back to the village. Leave nothing but footprint
 Beautiful rainbow in the waterfall

 Photo credit: Mr. Chan

After 2.5 hours having fun at the waterfall, Mr. Chai takes out the watermelon from the waterfall. The watermelon been chilled by the cold, natural, pure water. It is very juicy and refreshing. 

Photo credit: Mr. Chan

Time to go back hostel at 12:30noon.  The road is drier now under the exposure of dazzling sun. The sand keep flying into our face. No choice, we need to use towel to cover it up.

Photo credit: Mr. Chan
Good Bye. Rainbow waterfall.

Next destination: Panorama hill, Sungai Lembing. I look forward for the next destination. However, food is more desirable at this moment.

PS:  Please ignore the author's desire to drive a 4WD vehicle. Since young, the author been joining 4WD off road and over land adventure. That why she obsess with 4WD vehicle.

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  1. wow so many maggie mee :P

    1. hi Nick

      Now we have special blog just on instant noodles in SEA region too.

  2. Nice travel, may i know, ure taking those clear pics using what kind of camera? :)

    Visits Also : Jom Bergaya dengan SNEAKERS! :)

    1. I use Olympus EP3 + 17mm f2.8 lens.
      Mr. Chan's camera is Canon DSLR if not mistaken. ^^

  3. Do you think tomorrow there will be 4wd to the place for 2 people?

    1. You can drive your own 4wd drive. I not sure do they rent for 2 persons

  4. Hi, may Iknow what is the 4WD driver's name who drive you all to the rainbow waterfall basecamp?


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