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Just Want Coffee @ Taman Molek and The Garden, Johor Bahru

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* Both cafes are closed in 2014

It is interesting for us to visit the same cafe, different locations for 2 consequence  days. I do not drink coffee. The coffee review is done my boyfriend, CS. He is a coffee lover. Sometime, I found his taste is to be biased. He prefer the latte with coffee. He like his coffee with lots of milk.

9 August 2013  Taman Molek Branch.

We were misled by GPS. We spent around 45 minutes to locate this shop.
Tofu Cheese Cake RM9.00
The cheese cake is really soft. It is very delicious.

We ordered a lemon grass tea RM11.50 and Just Columbia coffee RM13.00. The tea served here is much bigger cup than The Garden branch. 
I lost the receipt of this branch.

Just Want Coffee, Taman Molek
2, Jalan Molek 1/5C,
Taman Molek,
81100 Johor Bahru

The employees of Just Want Coffee are great. They even have a short firm to promote

10 August 2013  Taman Setia Indah Branch Taman JP Perdana Branch

It is known as Just Want Coffee The Garden. I seen this concept in Korea before. It supposed to let the customers to relax and enjoy coffee in the garden environment.
The boss is very clever. He used the previous show house unit and developed it into a cafe. Some simple renovation and design really bring out the garden feel.

Frankly speaking, the cafe inside is relatively narrow. If not mistaken this is a 18 x 65 sq house (i just estimate or agak-agak). The exterior compound is big. Only left side of the house have table and chair. On the right hand side is for side viewing. The second floor is not yet open yet. I think it will be great to drink tea on the balcony. However, The path way lead to second floor is relatively small. Not sure will Malaysia fire department approve their second floor premise.

I have a soft spot for flower arrangement. This is so simple and nice. It added a bit nature on the wood table.

Tiramisu RM13.00
CS like the Tiramisu. I still prefer Su Chan Tiramisu.

Apple Tea RM8.00
Blue Berry Cheese Cake RM9.00
The cafe focuses on coffee not tea. The design of the tea set was great. However, I prefer the fruit tea serve with fruit. I wish there is a thin slide of apple in the tea too.  The blue berry cheese cake has nothing to shout about.  The tea sold at  THe Garder branch is much more cheaper compared to Taman Molek branch.

Hot Original Latte RM9.50
CS like this drink. To add on, the cafe has a rule. All customers are compulsory to order at least one drink. This was not seen in Taman Molek branch. 

The weather is dim. Most of the customers stay outdoor for their drink.

I need to add another praise. The signboard to the cafe along the road is very directive and informative. It is not blocked by any trees. The cafe have ample of car parks behind the cafe. Yet visitors still like to simply park around the road side. I found it an eyesore. I just try to capture a nice photos but the car was at the background. It affect the visual feel. Hopefully, visitors will understand and park at designated area.(Malaysians been Malaysians, we park as we like.)

PTD 88357, Bandar Jaya Putra Perdana,
Mukim Tebrau
81100 Johor Bahru

Fatbook even create a short intro for them. I been following Fatbook since it started up on Facebook.
This video is great too. Although I read BL(Boy Love) manga, the video is very hilarious. 

The Garden branch is famous for its design and concept. Therefore, more visitors will visit this branch.

 Some review stated that the service at The Garden Branch is not that great. I do not agree on that. The Garden Branch have 12 crews while Taman Molek Branch have 6 crews. The Garden Branch have enough crews to serve the customers there. The problem is coffee making and waffle workstation. As I observed, 90% of their customer ordered coffee as beverage. Only 2 crews make coffee. There is only one professional coffee machine. That is the reasons for slow serving. Unlike my cup of tea, tea was served faster than coffee. From 4.45 pm to 5.30 pm, I realized that I am the only one out of 30++ customers order tea.

To add on, The Garden Branch has a unique rule. On its menu, it was clearly stated that every customer MUST order one beverage.  I think due to its popularity, such rule are needed for business purpose.

Weekend and public holiday will be  the busiest days for the cafe. I do not see any dissatisfaction from the crew. They keep the work tempo well. Another difference in the crew of the 2 branches is the age range. The Garden Branch crews are mostly  secondary school students working part time. Taman Molek crews are more professional and able to answer our questions well.

Comparing the 2 branches, we prefer Taman  Molek branch. It served more dishes and coffee. Its environment is more quiet. I don't think we will visit The Garden Branch again until some friends requested us to bring.

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  1. Look special coffee shop! will try it soon.. ^^


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