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Panorama Hill @ Sungai Lembing, Pahang


15 June 2014

Sore. My whole body is very sore. Due to lack of exercise, rainbow waterfall's hiking take effect on my body. Lesson learned. Never take youth for granted. Consistent exercise is needed. 

Round 05:00am, I wake up and do some clean up. Ehh no water. O.O Luckily, Mr. Chan explains to me that Sungai Lembing practice water rationing. We need to take water from the reserve tank. The consequence of sleep too early. I missed last night's briefing.
 After hiking for 1 hour, we reach the hill top. Damn with my stamina. On the west, you can see Sungai Lembing's village.

 A small trail toward telecom station.

 On the east, you can see the Cheras cave hill

Try caption this photo? I run out of idea. 

The cloud sea and sun rise are not so beautiful that day. The hill is too crowded with hikers. However, it is very easy to climb.

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  1. Haha! You got me at "..never take youth for granted. Consistent exercise is needed" i felt the same when i first tried hiking!

    Thanks for sharing this, Ler! :) see you around!


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