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Bako national park trip-26/06/10 Chapter 1 – Incredible experience with monkeys

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1.1 Lunch with Monkey

Having lunch at Bako National Park café. PCP just left her seat to take fork. In a split second (sekelip mata)(一眨眼), a watchful and observance monkey just come running toward PCP bread.Before I knew anything happen, friends sitting opposite me was screaming and I went paralyzed that a monkey was sitting beside me, eating garlic bread. The monkey grabed the bread and ran to the next table to enjoy his “victory garlic bread”.

Everyone in the café was shocked and looked at us with pity eyes. Later we found out from the waiter, this kind of things happen frequently.

Lesson 1: do not eat bread in front of monkey

1.2 Monkey Circus

Ahpau was a very brave and tough guy. While walking toward park headquater, a monkey charged toward him. Reason: he was holding a plastic bag with bread in it. Next, he played with the monkey. BY swinging the bread around making the monkey chased after the bread. Another monkey saw it and charged toward ahpau too. Ahpau immediately throw the bread to other side. The monkeys ran after the bread.

Since this event happen, I realize ah pau is not only good at programming but also good at training monkey

Lesson 2: do not play with monkey unless you have gut

1.3 Goodbye Tomato

During our stay at Bako National Park, PCP suggested to cook tomyam steamboat. Thus we keep all our food ingredients in the fridge.

After come back from jungle tracking, PCY went to kitchen to have a grab. Kitchen door was left open.

Tang.tang. dang dang…….

Our beloved monkeys run inside the kitchen, open up the fridge and began treasure hunting.

I just want to have a check in the kitchen. Then I was paralyzed and screaming on top of my voice. A monkey came running out of the kitchen with 4 tomatoes in his hands. Next another 2 monkey running out as PCY came out of his room and run toward kitchen.

Monkey shared 90% similarity with human gene. Now they know how to open up fridge, took tomatoes away, have a bite on “fuchok”, eat noodles and open up my chocolate bread.
No more tomatoes, no more delicious tom yam soup
Good bye tomotoes! Good bye tomyam soup!

Lesson 3: Never left any doors open in national park especially when monkey live just next door.

1.4 I just want to say hi

After the “Goodbye tomato” event, we decided to prepare the dinner early. While girl was preparing the dinner, guys went to beach to have a dip. Thus we close the kitchen door, and busily prepare our yummy steamboat ingredients.

I was cleaning the vegetable. Then silently the kitchen door creep open. I looked up.
No one…..

Then, I looked down. A tiny mother monkey was holding a hand at the door and gazing at me. Before I can control my reaction, my voice echoed the kitchen. I ran toward the kitchen door and slam the door at the monkey face. (To the mother monkey: sorry for the rude behavior)

Before I can take a deep breath and calm myself, *knock *knock. Someone knocked the door. Alu come running in the kitchen and realized what happen. Sorry for waking him up from nap. He became kitchen door keeper to ensure our safety. A big Thank to Alu for protecting us from monkeys.

Lesson 4: Close the door tightly in National Park

1.5 Conclusion

We successfully have our tomyam steamboat with lots of vegetables, meat balls and seaweeds. A big thanks to all the girls preparing the food and guys that clean up the kitchen.

--The end of Chapter 1---

*All friends name was confidential and subject to author and owner copyright.
** Drawing was just a simple illustration of the events


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