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The story of a rice cooker

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Rice pot is a necessity.
However, things changed when I study in UNIMAS
Rice Pot = All purpose pot.

I can use rice pot to cook soup, rice, fried vegetables, fried eggs, cook spaghetti and lots more.
This rice been follow a long time. If not mistaken, it was with me since i was born. During my first year in uni, mum let me bring the pot to school. wow, it work till today. salute to national rice cooker.

This rice cooker not only contain memory from my family. it also have lots of interesting story behind it. Although some of the story is funny and embarrassing but sharing mean no harm. little laugh may light up your day too.

1) Friendly moments.
I love to cook green bean soup, red bean soup and spaghetti for my friends. Especially spaghetti, although it is just ordinary spaghetti, with mushroom source and slice of hard boil egg, we can enjoy the moment and chatting non stop. Chinese quote say that 3 woman = 1 market /pasar. This quote is true and we can create a pasar instantly.

2) funny moment
During Bako Trip, I was in charge of food and beverage. for breakfast i decided to cook vico drink for everyone to drinks. tang tang hot water so I use rice cooker to boil water. once the water boil, I took out the vico drink packet. aiaya vico become hard rock.(another friend left for us) it is impossible to crush it into powder form. thus the best way is ... throw the whole packet of vico into rice cooker. stir and stir and stir. slowly the hard rock vico boil into vico drink. phew done....

when i was stirring the drink, some of my friends was curious and approach me. From sleepy face into shocked face.

Friend TSW: hi what are you cooking?

me: vico lah (continue stirring the drink)

Friend P: face turn a bit weird

Firend TCK: where got people cook vico like that one?

me: eeehhh.... can not meh. easy mah later every one can scope and drink it.

Friend PCY: OMG!!! what is this?????????? (the tone is weird too)

me: (weird face) cooking vico lah (really don't understand the situation)

Friend P: this is the first time i see some one cook drink like that

next moment, every one in the kitchen roar into laugh. I went blur. then friend PCP explained to me that vico drink is use teaspoon and stir in a cup. No one in the worlds will cook it with rice cooker. Thus, it become one of the most memorable event in Bako trip.

The worst is when friend YSF come into the kitchen and saw a pot of vico soup

Friend Y stared at me: how much water do you boil?

Again, everyone in the kitchen roar into laugh. My ear turn red. really no face liao ~0~

3) rice pot= "warm box"
life without a refrigerator is unbearable sometime. I can not buy meat to cook. thus, i prefer to be vegetarian when cook myself or with my friend. vegetables that we bought need to be cook earlier. Yes we are survivor.

This is how i warm my burger. I am not an owl. thus unlike my friend, supper = my breakfast. so how to prevent supper from spoilt. Thank to my kawaii rice pot, it keep y food warm till the second day. thus i can still enjoy my meal ^0^

thank mum for letting me having this great rice pot. this rice pot really create lots of memory ^0^


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