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Matang Family Park - fun

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travel with 8 handsome guys is give me some creep. However, they are all good "kid". when come to work, they really work seriously. when come to play, they are like small little kid. quite enjoyable to travel with this bunch of friends

when reach waterfall, i realise we can play water. extra advantage for me: heheheh....... i have 8 type of "ice cream" to view. from "coffee one", from "dark chocolate", from "vanila", it come with different size too. muahahahhahhaha. so paiseh. a bit like anime story line.


Too much ice creams for my eyes is not good too.

i really enjoy the scenery and the facility there. with rm3 ticket, we have the chance to use BBQ facility, wash room and others.

I love the water sound. just sitting there listen to waterfall sound is the best part of all. if got chance, hope can just quietly sit down there and do nothing but rest.

It is definitely a good place to rest and relax in the arm of mother nature


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