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Bangkok Trip 2010 Day 2 ~night life 阳光宅女与见光死师的曼谷旅行。第二天~夜生活

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Yesterday, our travel agent pass us the receipt. On the receipt was
  • ah gua show 600 baht
  • thai girl show 600 baht
  • cultural show 1200 baht
  • thai massage 600 baht
hmm ah gua show i seen before when I was in form 4. I still remember their beautiful body shape and excellent performance. Even lady will envy their perfect "S" shape body. that why some viewer will be so "focus" during the performance.

Thai girl show. hmm not really sure what is it, better be ignorance too. However, a friend T told me once all kinds of pattern can be seen. hmmm i do wonder some time. T's face was damn weird when he explain thai girl show to me.but never mind, i better be innocent.

We choose cultural show, Siam Niramit performance for our second night in Bangkok. After a good massage from nearby massage center. We rush back hotel to meet our travel agent. Wan "jie jie" bring us to the cultural village by taxi.

when a guy ask you to call him jie jie. I immediately understand the situation. Thailand really is open minded and open heart.

I really love the visual effect, music effect and all the performance effect of silam niramit.
river suddenly appear from the stage. the water is so deep that even the performance jump down . the stage not only consist of front. we can view both side even from the back. I was very impressed by the performance. photo was not allowed during performance. however, the performance was already save in my memory. heheeh what to do? I am not only an travel otaku. I am a dance Otaku too ^0^


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