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Convocation ke-14 101010

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this is my first time sit blue colour airasia flight. usually is red colour. muacks i like airasia. because it always offer cheap airticket to get me home


to my beloved sarawak
after a month, I am back in your hug. I love your natural environment. I missed the blue sky, I missed the starry night view, I missed the peaceful street. I love the old and new culture in the city. I love the peaceful and 1 Malaysia concept.

I love UNIMAS. an open minded uni. because of the good location, I can get lots of friends and get to travel a lot (as long as wallet got money ~.~)



first thing in my mind was actually buy umbrella.
how do i live without you?
i want to know

yes i know i will get sun burn and sick under the big hot sun. but is ok since i am 阳光宅女^0^

this time is different bring my family around. first stop, makan time.

must drink tea si ais special (三色奶茶)。 I found the shop in 7 mile was the best. the sweetness was just nice, the taste was great

next must eat gong pia. not sure why, always sell off fast. i was so lucky to have the last 5 gongpia for my family. if not i think i will go berserk

visit serikin

visit tasik biru

at night, eat with my jiemei at Sharing Planet.
we love the food there. it is cheap and delicious. the cozy wood environment is cool too.mum keep praising the cafe
thank jolin for ajak us there for dinner.

big day convo
although i been eating a lot in the morning. however, i still feel hungry before the ceremony start. but the time it end, i was looking for food and drinks crazily.

at night to celebrate the day, we eat at topspot seafood. the seafood there are cheap and delicious. especially fried mydin


thank you Simon for renting such a good car for 3 days. it make our journey more easier


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