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Sunway Lagoon

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31 Oct 2010 (Sunday)

lady coach... hmm.......what was that. at kl sentral kltm platform, ladies coach sticker was on the floor. there was the notice board stading there for lady only. i keep wondering it is really rue for lady only..... slowly a train approaching into platform, queue began to form in front of each door. there were 2 guys standing in my line too. Next 2 friendly police walk up to them and say, "ini untuk perempuan sahaja" (this is for lady only). Immediately those guys move away.

Wow efficient.... step inside the coach. as usual i will look a round like a little kid explore the structure, the people, the facilities and every thing. .. Yes only ladies in the coach. I felt secured.
Growing up in the southern city of Malaysia, I learn to self-defense in mental and physical, self reliance ........ Yet i feel secured inside this coach. At least i let down my alarm system a bit.

As the train travel , stop, pick up passenger, passenger left, there are some guy accidentally step in. I can see his uneasiness. Reason all the girl, ladies, madam, ahma look at him "what is he doing here". It was like a whole coach of people staring at you. hahahhahaah immediately at next stop, the guy step up and change to other coach.....

first time go Sunway Lagoon

just walk here and there do not play much

but i keep wonder how they design this?


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