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what have I done in 2010.....

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Reaching the end of the year..... Yes another year is gone again, the world still turning, life still going, Yet life experience is different again...
Year 2010, been through a lot, learn a lot, hurt a lot, experience a lot, lose a lot

January 2010 to April 2010

busy with Final Year Project. got the chance to visit a lot of dance studio. get to know more dance teachers, know dance, love dance. Even though in 2009 I been through a trauma.... Yet Passion for dance never leave me never lost. It was part of me. The desire and yearning was so great. that I still crave for it still this day. I love all the teachers comments. you can dance, but your work contribute to the dance world. you can explore and feel the dance. write it down and become a dance critic. the trauma di not shut down my dance world but it make my dance world bigger, I became stronger mentally and experience more kinds of dance. My dance journey just began....

May 2010 to August 2010

After 3 years of study, finally time to say good bye to bunches of friends that been through the uni life with me. We play, eat, sleep, fight, ..... together so long.... Yet it is another separation.......
Thanks you for the uni memory

Infosys training..... A very good training that trained me in mentally and technically... know a bunch of friends from different universities.. travel KUching for the last time....

September 2010

Muahahhaha Goyang kaki time go Bangkok have fun, search job, have fun, search house, attend convo ...... phew busy again

October 2010 - December 2010

Working... working .. working

THank you year 2010.. I grow up , I been hurt, I hurt other, I learn up... Thank you

With this, I move on to new Year
With all this experience I become stronger and bettwe

may all beings have a good year in 2011


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