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Kl Pac Open Day

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Finally have time to write this time phew

23 January 2011 (Sunday)

KL Performing Art Center

Don't hide what you like... Dance is part of me. When I have free time, i like to surf around to find any places that i can travel and have fun. I was very surprised when a kl friend told me that kl have performimg art center. Great, I love this new.

when visited the klpac website, klpac open day was on its way back. YES, YES, i definitely mark this down in my calender.. an event i sure to visit.

On 23/1/11, I was sick. so sick i not sure whether i can reach there. But with a strong will and meditation, I must go. I really don't want to miss this event.

walking into the kl performing art center from sentul bus station, nice view.... greenery view, tall big tree, green meadow and gentle breeze...... I love this place... I love nature... I miss this......
although it was a long journey to walk from the bus stop to kl pac center, but with good scenery accompany you... distance is not a problem anymore.

Morning session i already miss it. I grab up a schedule and walk to second floor to listen to some music... harmony

klpac tour is another eye opener for me to see the inside of kl pac. they provide office, studio, makeup room, lighting equipment..... wow this is like a dreamland for me

other performing was great too. music, art, dance, nice place... i really treasure this trip


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