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好地方。素食 Good Place Vegetarain

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Phew finally feel better from headache, then feel hungry...=="""
so my Uni senior, brought me out for a meal。 She is a vegetarian so this time let me introduce some vegetarian food ^^

Firstly, is this western mushroom. the mushroom is thich in fresh and big. the source is simple(not sure what is it) but it mix well with the mushroom. one bite of the mushroom, you can feel the mushroom juice flow and mix with the source. without much chewing, it slide down your throat. i really like this dish.

Ulu Yam Lum Mee
Ulu Yam 卤面
the crisy toufu ppok on the noodle give you extra surprise when eating the noodle

Penang Asam Laksa
Penang asam laksa is famous for the base soup which need to use fish meat.
This soup is really taste like asam laksa soup(=="" ya lah is asam laksa lah) but without the fishy ordor. To me, it taste good and special to me.

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