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Manhattan Fish Market

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After 3 round of "extreme" , fun and exciting games at galactic laser center, our team went to Manhattan Fish Market for our dinner

I ordered baked dory fish with herb. hmm to me the herb is very special taste. When eat it with the fish is not really a favourite to my taste bud

Grilled salmon is quite nice. The salmon still retain the moisture with the light trail of fat in it.

I can't remember the name of the dish but i sure was fascinated by the "firing " process of the chess on the prawn. can help asking the girl to do it again. Ops hope my "boss" don't mind eating prawn with a bit of "charcoal" taste

Fried Calamari not sure why i have the craving to have this but i really like the cripy skin that wrap up the chewy sip. ^^

seafood pasta where you can really see big shrimp, big sotong, herb, clamp on it

tropica breeze. hmmm don't really recommand not much taste to me

a song a ppear to me when this drink was served. O- O _R _E -O twist it . lick it, dip it eat it

Thanks you "boss" and team mates for this wonderful dinner


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