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Paint Ball Game

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27 February 2011

nice weather with less sunshine, cloudy yet blue sky can be seen. YES, this is the first time I play paint ball game. I felt grateful that the weather was good and there are 19 friends can play to gather. It is truly fun to play with so many team mates.

we book 9am slot ~.~ however, due to unforeseen reason, organizer was late..... never mind, this does not spoil our mood. everyone was like primary school kids, sited on the chair and listen to the marshal briefing. wow we are truly good at listening instruction

find a good mask and wear it in. do not take the mask off even if the game has finish. reason for safety purpose

a row of marker was prepared. marshall help to load the "bullets" and gas..... then each of us wear body vest, take marker. Here we are march into the battle field.

First 2 game is called capture flag. the game is simple. each team shoot 2 bottles of the opposite team. If the 2 bottles successfully been dropped off, team can take the 2 flags and run back to the base. at first game, me and TSY was blur. the marshal just shout(because mayhem zone is quite big) to all of us to unplugged the marker then safety pin off. whistle sound on. before i can react, the guy already rush forward and start shooting. WHAT WHAT HUH HUH? burly, quickly find a pool or a wall to hide myself and keep pressing the marker. Then Jonathan keep running back and forth.


huh game over. that is it a few minute the game is over. OK i learn my first lesson. just don't think too much, find a place to hide my body, then just shoot.

Second Round of capture flag game, this time we change place with another team. this round i was better at shooting but why the bullet finish so fast.

Last game: battle of the field between life and death

we added 100 bullets each to prepare for the final battle. this time we can run across the border. to shoot our enemy. this time we can open fire not to a lifeless bottle but
another team mates MUAHAHAHAHAH

130 bullets in my marker.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1...........

aaarrrghhghh to death i rush out from the protection wall and start shooting.

another team one ok shoot.
not my team mates FIRED muahahah

then how come my left hand so pain.
then my leg pain then stomach pain.
WHERE ***** the pain come from.
HUH, L, the enemy already reach our base and fire fiercely. He look so gentle and nice in the company. now he show his true colour, a warrior. no way i lose to you. I start fired my marker madly. then i realize other guys was as mad as him just aim and shoot. running zig zag find small hole from the barrel just to shoot.

really salute to guys. very good and battling and having the "good" souvenir from the game

after the game, each of us have mineral water and pizza for our tummy. what a great sport to play with. we are happily chatting with our battling experience. comparing each bruises and cut. Nothing can stop our enthusiasm of bubbling on this experience that day.I think i start to like this game although is a bit pain hahahahah

thanks my friends for playing paintball together
Thanks you Xtion Paint ball


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