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Take a break at Klang..... part 1

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14 May 2011

 Dance out when you are stress. That is me when I am stress. Sometime I really still miss the time I can swing and spin with music. Once in working time, dance will always in my heart. I was stress for this week. I lost my precious thing and hurt my bf. Yet He still kind with me and bring me for a break. Thanks alot ^^

Travel by ktm to Klang is an interesting trip where I got to  enjoy greenery scene along the way. Let go my hair, let go of everything just to get away from the fuzzy and busy city life style.

First Stop Eating time Makan Makan.

Klang is famous for the bah kut teh. so what are we waiting for? Let go yum cha and bak kut teh away

Fried Vegetable =.= can't remember the name liao

    bak kut teh (ta ta ta please take it as sound effect)

dry bak kuh teh


好香的  香片茶  (0-0 当然啦 是香片茶)

very very dry bak kut teh  but very delicious. The smell of the chinese herb wrap the vege well in favour


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