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Wesak day celebration at Kuala Lumpur

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17 May 2011

My first time celebrate Wesak day in Kuala Lumpur. Maha Vihara Buddhist temple was a temple I wish to visit again. After D2YC camp in year 2004, I do not visit the temple again. This time I am lucky to pray in this temple again

On Wesak Eve, heavy rain was poured.  Lucky on Wesak day, a clear blue sky was seen to welcome this auspicious day.

Budhhism flags was hang around the temple to indicate the auspicious day.

Outside the temple, It a whole row of stalls selling different things to raise fund for charity or buddhism society. I met Tzuchi senior there too. May all be well and happy.

lotus symbolizes purity. May the flower we offer indicate that we will stay pure in the muddy condition. Treasure life as the the time span of flower is short but beautiful.

Before going home, we stop by Dang Wangi Lrt station to visit Yut Kee restaurant. It was famous among floggers and magazine too.

we ordered three drinks. Lime juice, Lime Asam Juice and Teh Ais.

I love the way the half boil egg was. the timing was important to get the effect as above.

I was a vegetaarian for wesak month. So Roti bakar with kaya and butter is nice.

The famous hainan pork chop.

My first time see Roti Babi. Both of my friends said it taste good.

On this wesak day (2600 in buddhist calender) may all be well and happy.


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