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Shabu shabu at sukiya @ tokyo street, pavillion kl

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28 September 2011

Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL

Our friend, ah teng  recommend us to try new food.. The restaurant is suikiyaki shabu shabu. It was located at tokyo street, pavillion kl. It was out of my knowledge to try this food. My bf just said ah teng recommend that so we straight away go and try it. hmm yes ah teng is among our friend very good at eating. His taste bud is very special or "yin jim". However, I really salute to him. When he mentioned the food is delicious, everyone will really agree. the shop or restaurant he tasted will have good business too. a very foodie friend
3 kinds of meat, chicken, lamb and beef, 3 kind of sauce one is miso, sesame paste and vinegar(sorry i forget the full name de)

sushi was provided too in the buffet

soya sauce based soup and kimchi based soup ^0^ i prefer soya sauce soup

we choose some mushroom, sotong ball, fish ball

bf very cute ^0^ he just pick 1 of each kinds of leafy vegetable provided by sukiya restaurant.(lucky not much if not we can not finish^^)

ice cream was provided. However in our opinion, the ice cream was too sweet and really not recommended

Here come the main story, shabu shabu. It is a technique to boil the meat in a few min then eat with other paste. I first try this kind of culinary technique is in Beijing. It was call "shuai shuai yang ruo"羊肉. 
The smell of lamb is really strong but once eat it with sesame sauce. It was delicious. Shabu Shabu is almost the same way.

1) Beat an egg. The egg provided by suikiya is pasteurized so it was safe to eat it raw.
2) choose a piece of meat. The meat really cut into very thin slide. I prefer beef and lamb because it cooked faster than chicken meat.
3) shabu shabu in hot pipping soup

4) shabu ~ Shabu ~ SHabu ~ shaBu~~~ just a while  make sure the colour of the meat change
5) a fully cook tender piece of beef
6) dip it with egg (later only i know we need to fully the egg first) this is lower the temperature of the meat and add a smooth texture to it.

7) slurp eat it with the paste you like. I prefer to  eat it with miso paste with a bit od spicy.

yummy yummy the meat is so add on eat it with raw egg really increase the texture and smoothness of the meat.  It is so easy to chew and the juicy meat just spread out. This meal cost us RM92++ for 2 person.

Thanks you CS for bringing me enjoy food ^0^


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