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HK 2011 - Food & Beverage 香港。动感之旅 2011 - 美食篇 part 1

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First Dinner In Hong Kong晚餐
Toast bread with ham and egg
红烧咕噜肉饭 sweet sour pork rice
沙爹 猪公仔面satay pork instant noodle erm where is the satay sauce
沙煲饭 too salty for me but my cousin like it. It suit their taste bud
Breakfast 早茶

Kam Wah Cafe
47, Bute Street, Mongkok, Kowloon

菠萝包, ^0^超好吃
coconut bun. Erm not too sure because I was busy looking at my neighbor table food
 奶茶, 好喜欢 因为可以不加糖
 France toast quite different from malaysia style
 The sandwich was great. a lot of filling and delicious. We order it last because we still hungry for breakfast. actually I am a big eater in the morning. so most of the food in the morning is me  finish up hehehe
Kam Wah Cafe
47, Bute Street, Mongkok, Kowloon


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