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Goku Raku Ramen @ MidValley

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I went to Mid Valley because Everyday Sale posted that is Chocolate Fair. When I reach there is Food Fair................. Never Mind In the end I found the chocolate I wanted so much ^^
Char Siew Tonk[RM18.90]........(Can't remember  please check their website) wah the soup very very thick. is very nice and filling for the first few mouthful. However, m friend and I agree that when reach almost the bottom of the bowl, we feel very full. The taste became more salty and thicker. Overall this ramen taste great ^^
Japenese Char Siew really different from chinese char siew. Very tender and nice to chew
Nitamago tonk[RM17.90]...... Wah the egg is superb nice muack
I wonder when I can cook the egg like them. really need skill and perfect timing lol


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