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Sun rise @ Gunung Brinchang

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 As A night of mosquitoes attack..... I not too sure how I fall a sleep again... When I wake up is 5.30am, just lying on the bed thinking where to go. Suddenly CS just jumped up and said ''let go see sun rise"  hahahah then off we go. When pass through the lobby, we wake up the gardener. He told us to go Gunung Brinchang to watch the sunrise. As the traffic was clear, It should take around 20 mimutes to reach.
 Sun Rise on the way to Gunung Brinchang. This was shoot around Boh Tea Plantation
 On the way up the mountain, it was beautiful. There are many most. It like going back in time to dinosaur period.
Very misty. Thus, we slowly drive on this small road.
Sun was rising when we travelling
At Gunung Brinchang observatory Tower, I shot this photo. It was majestic view..... I felt the nature was truly beautiful. I wish this view will remained forever.
The tower was steep
Cloud wasflowing between mountain peak
water droplets on the plants

It was very cold thus we turn the heater on. hahhahhahah


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