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Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar @ Wangsa Maju

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21 March 2012
This is call insane, crazy...... the queue is so long just to take number for order. My beloved Bf, CS out of sudden say want to try. I out of sudden have the patience to wait. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu from 7.30pm we queue to take number. 8.30pm we finally place order. 10pm we finally get our burger. Amitabha. What a lovely experience of testing patience with hungry stomach.

I was even shock that at 9.30pm. Policemen came and  give saman.Thanks you policeman. I wonder do kaw kaw burger treat the policeman. Oh Burger Bakar what have you done? Why so special? There are lots of blogs saying the specialty.

As for Malaysian, yes food unite us. for a dilicious meal, we are willing to wait and tolerate. I really love this scene.

Hapiness Chicken Burger. I love it but i not willing to queue up. one is enough for me


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