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Oisa Korean Dinner @ There Spere, Bangsar South

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23 March 2012
This was te second time I ate at Oisa..... oisa or oiso i not too sure. However, I really respect the korean owner couple and their workers. They have great service and they always have a gentle smile on their face. Especially the Korean boss. He will escort us in and out. As a Malaysian I feel a bit shy But i really respect his attitude of work and hospitality
The interior design was beautiful too. I love the way it but the plant on the tradisional korean shelf. It was simple yet it bring out a sense of unique and peace. The small little puppet doll was cute too.
Well this shop may not have many side dishes as other korean restaurant. However, the taste incredible. the lotus was crunchy yet the sweetness of the lotus still maintain. The ikan bilis was crispy with sticky sweet sauce. I really love the way they go for the taste over quantity
Stir Fried Glass Noodle. A very good dishes for vegetarian
chicken bulgogi
fried mockeral fish
seafood bibimbup
erm can't remember what drink is this
Honey jujube tea. Jujube mean red rate

korean steam egg. This was really interesting for me. Mum steam egg either is blank or mix with pork mince. Japanese cawanmushi was smooth and slide through the throat easily. Korea steam egg was rough from its look. but wait do not judge by it look. I was quite suprise it was smooth too. although is was not as smooth as cawanmushi. the taste was unique with lots of different kind of vegetable.
Kimchi pancake.... Taste good but personally i prefer it with more green onion.

Highly recommend this shop
The Sphere
Jalan Kerinchi


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