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GSC Gold class experience

5 May 2012

Thanks for OCBC credit card special offer, we got the chance to experience GSC gold class. The movie we choose is " The Avengers" heehheh since it was a 2hours and 20minutes movie. I really enjoy the time in the GOLD class. Bling Bling
 First was the lobby. When we step in, a gentle man approached us politely. He was taking down our complimentary drink. I was shock. Are we at the right place? Is this hotel?
 Nice clean sofa chair for us to rest while waiting the movie start.
 There were 2 bar serving drinks and tibits

 The drink was served at our seat. Oh mine Am I at 5 star hotel? During the movie time, the waitress brought in our hot popcorn.
 Am I a princess? Did you see that sofa? I can't believe I sit or lie down there to watch the movie. Each seat was provided with blanket and small pillow. The small table was between us to place drinks and food. The chair can be adjust to suit our most comfortable position. I must admit. I really enjoy the facility.
The hall had limited seats. However, the service was the best I ever experience with any of the cinema in Malaysia.

Back to reality, the price for this experience.
Movie ticket = RM40
Surcharge = RM20
entertainment = RM10
TOTAL RM70 per person.

This once in a life time experience is good for me.


  1. which cinema u watch gold class?

  2. GCS Golden Cinema, The Garden, Kuala Lumpur


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