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Breakfast @ Yut Kee Restaurant, Dang Wangi

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26 May 2012

 This is my second time to visit Yut Kee Restaurant. I did not have a chance to taste meat on my last visit due to fulfillment of religion. As usual the shop will be crowded with people. Lucky the boss come up with a good system for us to queue. We just need to tell the boss our name and number of people. About 30minutes later, he will called out our name and point us the table. I really like this system.
 Hainan Pork Chop.... This is really nice. However I still prefer my hometown JB, IT root cafe mushroom sauce.
 Yut Kee Famous Roti Babi.......... Still prefer the pork chop then the roti babi
 Iced Cofee and Lime Juice
Roasted pork roll very delicious. I like this very much.

Name: Hainan Pork Chop, Roti Babi, Roasted Pork Roll

Place:Yut Kee Restaurant, Dang wangi

Price: can not remember

My comment: really like to eat breakfast at this cafe after sunday exercise

CS's comment: very quiet (too focus on the food because is meat)


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