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International Ballet Gala 2012 @ Istana Budaya

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15 July 2012

I really enjoy the show, The dancers were strong in the dance technique and their expression was great. I really like the first program by YaoJin and Wei Wei. It was humour and funny. Seldom see this kind of performance. ^^

This was my first time to watch a ballet show with my bf, CS. CS do not have any idea or knowledge on dance. Thus the comments I get from him were 
  • wow the guy "tititit" go up then "titititi" go down. (ttititii mean battement changement in ballet term)
  • I lazy to count the number of turns (pirouette) ...... too many liao
  • do the male dancer wear protection for the "little brother" when dancing? O.O (i almost faint when he said this)
  • oohh ya the leg very long (he refered to Tan Yuan Yuan which danced "Carmen") and very nice..(no wonder he was so focus during the "Carmen" program >.<
  • Almost the same one leh (he meant the techniques used by the dancer)
  • Huh???? got story one ahhhh. can not feel leh !!!!...........(the dancer were dancing about romance and love.....and famous ballet classical......... isn't it obvious? )

Then only I realised due to my background on Ballet, I can understand the performance easier. Maybe Ballet performance is a bit hard to understand for some because it was all on dance and ballet techniques.
Thanks The Dance Society of Malaysia and Dancework Production for bring such great performance to Malaysia.
Hopefully can have more opportunity to watch more fantastic dance performance.
Photography was not allowed. Thus I only took the theater photo. This was my first time enter a ring size theater.

 Istana Budaya was a beautiful place. However, the online ticket collection counter was unbearable slow. We queued up 30 minutes  to take tickets. In the end, I missed out ASWARA Malay dance performance. Really hope can see ASWARA performance again.

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