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BF's Birthday Celebration @ Huck Cafe,Bangsar

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It took me months to plan for his birthday. I really had fun and thrilled to research and design the birthday celebration. I came across the private kitchen concept from one of the flogger. The price per pax was within my budget too. Thus, I quickly make a reservation a month before his birthday. Seeing all the food on facebook tempted me more. I had discussion with my jimui and other guy colleagues. In the end, I choose surprise meal for the dinner. 

 Our private space... very romantic ^^
 Antique at the corder near our table
 One Corner of the house
 Bali Style Patio in the Garden
 Huck Cafe
 Sarawak Acar with Keropok
One of the keropok was a bit soft. The acar was well marinated.
 Basil Seed Mint Soda
I having great time chewing basil seed. 3 drinks was served that night.
1) Basil Seed Mint Soda as welcome drink
2) Lemon Grass Tea as Second drink. This was served with our main dish
3) Coffee or Tea. This was served  with dessert
4) Sky juice with lemon to ease our thirst
Among the 3 drinks served that night, Basil Seend Mint Soda was bf's favourite. Hmmm first 2 drinks was my favourite^^
 Asparagus Soup
First time try asparagus soup. The taste was great. 
 Mushroom Soup
The best mushroom soup we ever tasted. This is a real mushroom soup where we can taste different kind of mushroom bits. Every spoon is filled with different mushroom bits. The taste was rich and smooth. We can really taste the freshness of the mushroom.
Baked Fish Coated With Oat, Topped with Cheese

 Baked Fish Coated With Oat, Topped With Cheese
Fairy Hair Spaghetti was my love as it was thin and easy to chew. We are quite shocked with the size of the fish. The fish was not those kind of frozen fish fillet sold in hypermarket. It was cut fresh from fish. The fresh was thick. Since this fish was baked, it was not oily at all. It was so crsipy through out the meal. What amused us was. After 45 minutes of enjoying the meal ( yes I ate very slow), there are still smoke of steam came out from the food.
 Pamigiana Chicken Mushroom
The Chicken was marinated well. However due to it combination with fried potato. We feel a bit oily and tired for the last portion of the meal. The fish dish was better. It was light favour with a bit sour thus it was easier to enjoy.
 Durian Mud Cake
The combination of biscuit, durain icecream, raisin, peanut, durian. Finally in 3 months time i got the chance to enjoy durian. Reason BF was super duper durian hater =.=
Creme Brulee
It was fun to see the cream brue was burned in fornt of us. This is very milky and smooth. =.= bf have a hard time eating the strawberry. reason he cannot stand the strawberry smell =.=

The total cost for this meal was RM176

Huck Cafe


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