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Birthday Celebration Dinner @ Opus Bistro, Bangsar

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After work, CS came picked me for birthday dinner. I was quite curious on the location. When he told me it was around Ampang area. I almost had a heart attack. I worked around Kerinchi Area. Ampang Area was like 20km away from Kerinchi (refer to google map). Kuala Lumpur was famous for traffic jam especially near buka puasa time. CS was a person heavily rely on GPS. I really went in the shock mode, keep trying to figure out the best route to get there. The reservation time was 7.30pm. faint.

 It was getting weirder when he drive around Jalan Maarof. Then around Jalan Telawi, then around Jalan Bangkung. It was such a quiet street in an elegant residential area. Weird, is this the right road to Ampang.???
Only I realised he planned a surprise for me. Very cheeky CS. blek.
This is my first time eat Italy Fine Dining
Bruchetta Platter
-mixed mushrroms
-creamy arthichoke
-tomato and basil
-grilled aubergine, red peppers and zucchini
-smoked salmon with dill sour cream

Bread dipped with olive
The bread is very soft and tender. It matches so well with olive oil

The Best Cream of Mushroom
freshly made with button mushroom, portobello mushroom and dry porcini

I really like this pepper process

Roasted Cod
customer's all time favourite. with choice of either lemon capers sauce or white wine sauce, served with steamed vegetables

Grilled Chicken
with spagetti in mushroom sauce, served with steamed vegetables

Creme Brulee
Since the last visit at Huck's Cafe, CS was in love with creme brulee. He love the crispy caramel on top of the creme... while i prefer to eat without the burned caramel but with strawberry... sometime I think we 2 were really having

Chocolate Desire

I really like this. The cake have firm crust. Inside was soft. then there was the chocolate lava. It was great combination with vanila ice cream


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