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126 restaurant@ Kampung Bukit Tinggi, Bentong

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26 October 2012

After finish visit Bukit Tinggi, we stop by Kampung Bukit Tinggi for lunch. Initially, CS was quite worry that Kampung Bukit Tinggi might be just a small village with nothing just small houses or vegetables farm. This left turn from Karak Highway proved him wrong. We were quite surprised there are numbers of restaurant along the road. Most of the restaurant written that  their specialty dishes are fresh water fish, "kampung chicken", pork trotter dishes and fresh vegetables. Some restaurant even open up their little vegetables farm or fish pond for customers to see. This is really somethings new and interesting to us.

We drove around the road a few times before we picked up 126 restaurant. It had ample of parking lot in front of the restaurant. Once we seated at the table, a waiter or lengzhai walked up to us for order

whole conversation in Chinese mixed Cantonese 

Ler: you meh yu? (broken cantonese)
CS: got any fish?
waiter: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. i recommand you steam xx fish small one ok?
Ler:( puzzle look) erm 
waiter: ok lah very nice one small one for you 2
CS: got any chicken dish? ....
Ler: ok lah. Got any vegetable
waiter: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx( whole list of vegetables name) ok lah you tried stried fried vegetable nice one
Ler: erm ok lah
CS: (look at me, with the look "you eat finish all the vege aaahhh") got any chicken dish?
waiter: try our famous pork dish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ok ?
Ler: erm ok lah. ( not sure what is it also.)
CS: got any chicken dish?
waiter: yum me sui
CS: you meh cha? got any chicken dish?
waiter: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( i only catch "tie guanyin, xiangpian, puer and water lily)
Ler: water lily
CS: ok lah water lily. got ...... any............ chicken
waiter: ya i think is enough for you 2( then he walk of without listen to CS question)

my poor CS was hanging on to his chicken question. However, lucky was just 3 dishes. We were very full after we ate finish all the dishes. Typical Malaysian Chinese restaurant  waiters/waitress like to rap  their menu. it was really a time to train up my listening skill

Fried Vegetable

 Steam Fish 鲶鱼. 100g of this fish is RM7.00. This dish cost RM35(500g)

 Stir fried Pork Skin/ Fat with soy sauce 

 Total cost RM52.00.

There are some stalls selling vegetables and durian too.
I brought 3 vegetables for RM5, one box of nangka for RM5 and large piece of ginger for RM1.30.


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