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Sek Yuen Restaurant @ Jalan Pudu

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23 October 2012
 My sister and her boyfriend came KL for travelling and relax. As many floggers wrote SekYuen Restaurant is one of the best in KL. Thus, after some traffic jam and lost our way for 30 minutes, we finally found the restaurant.

 I really  should learnt up my Cantonese. The auntie waitress talk so fast chinese mix cantonese, we barely understand what she mean. I was wondering may be chinese auntie was good in rapping too.  In the end, I only know to order to pipa duck and fried shark fin with egg. The popiah she explained 3 times. It seem the restaurant seldom make popiah too, so we ordered that too. The only vegetable name I heard is daun ubi kayu. Since daun ubi kayu is my sister's favourite, we then ordered the dish.
Sek Yuen Retaurant
This furniture look exactly the same my  late grandmum house. It give me very nostalgic feeling
 Pi pa duck. well marinated and crispy skin. the orange or lemon sauce go so well with duck meat. CS was quietly enjoyed his duck. That indicate how good is this dish
A bowl of steam rice is enough for 2 small eater. I share a bowl of rice with my sister.
Shark fin, crab meat fried egg. This dish must go with fresh salad vegetable and vinegar. However, I stop after my sea food allergic emerged.
This is Fried popiah yam and fried goh hiang pork. It is very crunch. The special cili paste got "foulu" in it. It really give an extra kick when you bite the popiah
Belacan Fried Daun Ubi Kayu. The stem is very tender. The taste was just so good. not too oily, not too salty.
This is an image of dishes serving before we eat.
This is an image of all the plates left after we finish eating

It is very cheap too. The total cost only RM98.30.
We definitely will go back from their other dishes.
IT seem some dishes need to pre ordered.
For example:
-Paper wrap chicken
-8 treasure duck


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