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Stories Told by Mountain Guide

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All these stories was collected while chatting with different mountain guides and park rangers. Some stories may be listened from my team mate that hike to the peak

1) Helicopter rescue KL girl
A KL girl sprained her leg and can not hike down the mountain. She refused to let the rescuers to carry her down the mountain in sketcher. Rescuers called Sabah Air to send a helicopter. As the situation was not severe, Sabah Air was reluctant to send a helicopter. The girl insist to have helicopter to transport her to the nearest hospital. In the end, Sabah Air agreed to carry her at RM10,000. We were not sure who settled the bill. However, there are certain medical insurance do provide helicopter rescue.

2) Helicopter rescue heavy person
There are 2 tourist from Arab hike the mountain. Unfortunately, one of the tourist hurt his leg. The rescuers abandon the plan to carry him down the mountain. Reason is the tourist weighted 130kg. The sketcher is not able to handle such heavy weight. Thus, rescuers request the help of helicopter. However, helicopter can not reach mount KK helicopter pad due to bad weather. In the end, after 2 days of waiting, the helicopter finally able to bring the tourist to the hospital

3) Traffic jam near the peak.
one of my friend wake up very early just to walk to the peak. She was facing some trouble to climb a cliff. In the end, it cause a huge queue below the cliff.
mountain guide : Ini siapa punya mountain guide?
                            (Who is your mountain guide?)
friend: ..............(not able to answer as she was dangling there
mountain guide: you turun dulu, sudah traffic jam ini
                           (Please come down first. You cause a traffic jam down here)
my friend with no other choice need to climb down.

mountain guide: kasut beratus -ratus ringgit tak dapat naik. you tengok saya punya 10 ringgit sahaja
                            boleh naik
                           ( hundred ringit shoes not able to climb the cliff. You see mine. My shoes only cost   
                          RM10 and able to reach the top)
In the end, Please just buy kampung adidas to hike mount kk.

4) Avoid using wooden walking stick
wooden walking stick is good as it will support our body weight while hike up or going down the hill.However, it is advise to use proper metal walking stick in Mount KK. As the wood some time can not support our body weight, it will snap into 2. Willy seen one. When the wood stick snap, it have 2 sharp spear and nearly pierce into the man body. Metal walking stick with shock absorption is a good tool. A good walking stick can be found around the range of RM30 to RM50 in Kota Kinabalu. CS bought 2 very good walking stick from ACE hardware, Kuala Lumpur. It cost only RM17.90. We donate them to Willy so he able to help the other in the future.

Mountain guides do like to share stories with us. However, they will not tell any stories related to death or missing cases in the mountain. Even after we reach Kinabalu Park, they refused to tell us those stories. The following story was told by our tourist guide, silver.

5) Don't play in the mountain
2 siblings were very bored at Laban Rata. At night, they decided to take a tour around Laban Rata hostel. They did not inform anyone. After 3 days , their bodies was found. They were only 16 years old and 18 years old. Please respect the mountain.


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