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7 Tips to Keep your Tummy Safe While Travelling in South East Asia

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I love to try new dishes when travel. I tried fried insect in Thailand and "dragon" meat in China. Those bizarre food are interesting but not my type of dish.

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The worst tummy experience for me was in Poi Pet, Cambodia. I had  been on road from Malaysia to Cambodia around one week. I was very tired and ordered a bowl of porridge. It may be due to unhygienic water in that area. After that meal, I felt sick. I kept vomit and feeling dizzy. Due to my very pale look, The immigration didn't bother to look at my passport twice. He just wave his hand and instructed to leave immediately. 

That night, my parent brought me to visit doctor. Poi Pet had lost of casino. Thus, most of the casino have their medical team too. We were brought to meet the doctor. I was very dizzy, laying on the bed like a status. Next, a very strong smell of alcohol reach my nostril. I saw a doctor was swaying  left and right with a needle on his hand. I was praying very hard that he didn't inject me with needle. Luckily, The doctor also realize that my condition still stable. He just gave me some medicine and left. 

Later only I found out that the doctor was attending some local wedding ceremony. He been drinking quite heavily. Due to my condition, the hotel management request him to attend my case. Phew luckily, he did not give me injection. I can't imagine the consequence of poking at the wrong place.  After 3 days of medication, I felt better and proceed to Siam Reap. 

Here are & tips to keep your tummy safe while travelling
  1. Go Easy on Fat & Sugar
  2. Plan Your Meals
  3. Go Easy on Spicy Foods
  4. Eat Moderate Portions
  5. Be Cautious of What You Eat
  6. Party but Take Caution
  7. Don't Eat Before Sleeping

That was  my experience. There are  many unplanned events happen during our travel. That is why I love travelling. I love to read this never ending book of earth. 

 How was your experience?  Any interesting food or experience to share? 


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