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3 Days 2 Nights Sungai Lembing 林明山 Itinerary 2014


13 June 2014

10:00pm   Received call from friend for meet up
10:30pm   Pick up from bus station
10:30pm   Depart to Sungai Lembing using Segamat route

14 June 2014

03:00am   Reach Sungai Lembing
03:10am   Girls sleep in the car. Guys watch #worldcup at the nearby mamak stall
05:00am   Wake up 
05:45am   Breakfast
06:40am   Take 4WD to rainbow waterfall base camp
07:30am   Stop over a rest area for washroom
08:00am   Reach Rainbow Waterfall base camp and start to hike
09:05am   Reach Rainbow Waterfall
09:35am   Finding the perfect location to shot photos
09:30am   Take the first rainbow photo
10:00am   Take the almost perfect rainbow photo
10:30am   Take a rest and have some refreshment. However, too many bees surrounding me when eating curry Maggie mee. 
10:45am   Take a dip in the waterfall
12:00pm   Pack up and hike back to base camp
01:00pm   Reach base camp and go back to hostel in Toyota Hilux
02:00pm   Reach Lohas Village to clean up and rest
03:15pm   Depart to Teluk Cempedak
05:30pm   Reach Teluk Cempedak for late lunch and side viewing
06:00pm   Playing around Teluk Cempedak beach
07:00pm   Depart to Lohas Village, Sungai Lembing
08:20pm   Reach hostel for BBQ Dinner
09:00pm   Chatting around
10:00pm   Wash up and continue chatting with girls
10:30pm   Sleep

15 June 2014

04:30am   Wake up
05:00am   Warm up exercise
05:10am   Walk toward panorama hill
05:15am   Short briefing by organiser
05:20am   Start hiking but more like taking staircase
06:30am   Reach the peak
07:30am   Take photos
08:00am   Climb down the hill
09:00am   Reach the foothill and tour around Sunday morning market
09:10am   Breakfast time
10:00am   Tour around the village 
10:20am   Back to hostel
10:30am   Visit Sungai Lembing museum 
11:30am   Back to hostel
12:45pm   Visit mining tunnel museum
01:00pm   Visit hanging bridge, noodle factory and roast pork shop
01:30pm   Depart to hometown
05:00pm   Late lunch at Yuan Yean Fish Ball Eating House, Yong Peng
07:30pm   Reach home town

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