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Reflection on Sungai Lembing Trip

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Firstly, tones of thanks to
  • My best friend forever , BFF for inviting me to join the trip 
  • Mr. Chan, the most wonderful planner
  • Mr. Vincent, who help me carry bags 
  • Mountain guides for handling unexpected questions from a curious hiker
 Photo Credit: Unparalleled Grace
Sadly, my stamina is quite bad for this trip. I need to practice more yoga and Zumba.

Do you know that Mr.Chan and Mr. Vincent will visit Sungai Lembing every year?  His Facebook post answers my question. 

Image Credit: Mr. Chan

Indeed, some place have this attraction factor. You will always have the urge to go back and visit and meet the old friends there. Each visit will give you different feeling too. I really enjoy chatting with my bff and making new friends. But I am too shy to approach them on the trip. >.<

To conclude this trip's post, let me end my reflection with some ridiculous conversation during the hike.

Ler:      Encik, you pernah nampak gajah di hutan ini
Guide: Tak pernah...
Ler:      Encik, you pernah makan durian gajah?
Guide: apa tu?
Ler:     itu saya dengar lah. Itu gajah telan durian dan keluar sebiji tahi. Kan kami ada kopi luwak. mungkin kah kita ada durian gajah. Mereka cakap durian gajah paling sedap oohh
Guide: Mana boleh. Itu durian banyak duri. Dia mana boleh telan.
Ler:     itu saya tak pasti. saya ingat you pernah jumpa ke makan ke...
Guide: ...Aiyo!  ini soalan saya tak tau nak macam jawab....hahaha

English Translation:

Ler:     Sir. Have you seen wild elephant in this jungle
Guide: No
Ler:     Sir. Have you tried the elephant durian?
Guide: What is that?
Ler:      I heard it from someone and somewhere. Elephant swallows the whole durian and pop out as elephant durian. Since we have Luwak coffee, maybe we have the elephant durian too. They said elephant durian is the best in the world.
Guide:  How can it be? Durian has many thorns. I don't think the elephant can swallow it.
Ler:      That I am not sure. I thought you tried before.
Guide:  Aiyo! I not sure how to answer your question..hahaha

During the whole conversation, Mr. Chan and Mr. Vincent kept giggling only.....
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Transportation = RM50
Hiking trip + Hostel + BBQ dinner = RM70.00
Food : RM40.00

Contact Personnel

1. Ugalaxy Tour Bus: Mr. Chiam 017-654 8926 

2. Lohas Homestay: Ah Lam 016-921 2244 

3. 4WD: Lee (Ah Pek) 016-923 8639 

4. BBQ: Ah Fang 019-988 7736
Disclaimer: All names are distinguished to protect their identities.


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