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Food Journal in Taiwan - Part 1

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We tasted some great cuisine in Taiwan. Since there are too many foods, LerLer will break it down into a few posts. LerLer is getting hungry when writing all these posts.

Date: 4 August 2014

Dishes : 甕窯雞 (weng yao ji) NTD 650,  炒山野过猫(stir fried paku pakis) NTD170,  三星炒葱(stir fried spring onion)  NTD170, 鸡油控封桂竹笋(bamboo shot in chicken oil) NTD230,  什锦综合菇(stir fried mushroom) NTD 200,  清炒猫耳(stir fried cat ear) NTD200, 温泉白饭 (white rice) NTD50
Place :  Wen Yao Ji Restaurant  台湾古早味瓮窑鸡

Price : NTD 1,670 / RM 177.59

Review : We ordered small dishes. After all the dish been served, we are quite taken back. The serving portion were too big for us.This was the first time to taste "cat eat" vegetable. It is a kind of see weed species. The texture is very crunchy with some salty moisture in it.

Must Try: the tender  and juicyWen Yao Ji
Date: 5 August 2014

Dishes : stew pork rice, 4 different kind of fish soups

Place : Nan Fang Ao 南方澳

Price : NTD 415 / RM 44.13

Review : Long queue at the stew pork rice stall. Luckily we went there quite early

Must Try: Fish Soup

Date: 5 August 2014

Dishes : Takoyaki, yang chun noodle, stew pork rice, tempura
Place :  HuaLien Night Market

Price : NTD 300 / RM31.90

Review : Takoyaki is NTD 40 per box. Each box has 6 takoyaki. It is the cheapest and delicious we ever try

Must Try: -

Date: 6 August 2014

Dishes : breakfast
Place :  Suto House 石头之家

Price : -

Review : One of the best breakfast we ever tried. Every ingredients is so fresh

Must Try: Pizza
Date: 6 August 2014

Dishes : Stone steamboat, lover's tear 情人眼泪, Stir fried purple vegetable

Place Red Tile Roof Restaurant, 红瓦屋老地方文化美食餐厅- 阿美族风味餐

Price : NTD 1,540  / RM 163.73

Review : The steamboat pot is made out of penang leaf stem. Once the leaf stem is dry, it can withstand the sizzling hot stone. The waiter will put the hot stone into the soup. As the stone is very hot, it can cook up all the ingredient in the soup. This way, the soup has the sweet  fish soup taste without the fishy smell.

We are quite curious with lovers' tear too. lovers' tear  is a kind of mushroom can find after the rain. It is very different from black fungus in Malaysia. It has very thin and smooth texture. It is very suitable for old folks too.

Must Try: Stone steamboat

Date: 6 August 2014

Dishes : Mi Tai Mu, cucumber pickle, stew toufu and seaweed
Place : MiTai Mu Stall under bayam tree 榕树下米苔目铺

Price : NTD 300 / RM31.90

Review : Delicious

Must Try: Mi Tai Mu

Date: 7 August 2014

Dishes : Fried food

Place :  Liu He Night market, 六合夜市

Price : NTD 1,670 / RM 177.59

Review : -

Must Try: -

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