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7 Must Visit Places in Sungai Lembing

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17 June 2014

Sungai Lembing, was once the richest tin ore producer in Pahang. Due to the drastic drop of tin price, the mining factory has to close down in 1986. Since then, this once glorious town has transformed into a nostalgic tourism places. Almost every weekend, Sungai Lembing is packed with people indulge to experience Mother Nature, mining information as well as enjoy local delicacies. The 7 must visit places in Sungai Lembing are as followed.

1) Rainbow Waterfall 

The waterfall is believed to be discovered by the local aborigine who was collecting rattan (Rotan). This undisturbed natural waterfall is located deep in the forest. We took around 1 hour on 4 wheel drive vehicle to the nearest base camp. Then, we hiked for 30 minutes to reach the waterfall.

To be able view the rainbow depends on one luck and weather. Around 9.30 am the first ray of rainbow appears in the middle of waterfall. Around 10am, a slight curve rainbow appeared link to the rock near the cliff. Around 10.30am, some visitors claimed to see double rainbows. At around 11am, visitors swim or walk toward the cliff. Here circular shape rainbow

2) Panorama Hill or Bukit Panorama

The staircase toward “heaven” was mended a few years back. Visitors can easily walk up to see the beautiful scenery.  Around 6.30am, face toward east, visitors can see the awesome sun rise. Getting bored with the sun rise view, turn around and face toward west. Ocean of white clouds blanket the hills below your feet. Tilted a bit, visitors can see the street light in Sungai Lembing Village. It is like the starry night on earth.  Hikers with good stamina take around 30 minutes to reach the peak. 

3) Hanging Bridge over Sungai Lembing

The houses are built by the bank of Sungai Lembing which are connected by a few hanging bridge. Visitors enjoy the soft breeze when crossing the bridge. Sometime, it may sway a bit, due to the multiple steps  of other visitors. 

4) Sungai Lembing Museum

A museum stands on the top of the hill, overlook the once Pahang’s richest manufacturer of  tin ore. In the museum, visitors can learn the history of Sungai Lembing and some old technologies to of  tin ore mining. It used to be free entrance. Now the entrance ticket charged RM2 for Malaysian. For Non-Malaysian is RM5.

5) Mining Tunnel Museum

Old mining tunnel is transformed into a museum. Visitor can experience the hard core life of mining worker when they were inside the mining tunnel. This museum may not be as lively as The Hobbit’s holes, but it is truly an amazing and informative experience.

6) Sunday Morning Market

There are many stalls selling different types of herbs and local delicacies in the Sunday Morning market.  

7)Sungai Lembing Noodle Factory

This factory has been established for 78 years. It has been passed down to the third generation. The owner uses fresh mountain water to prepare the noodle. Then he uses firewood to cook the noodle. The cooked noodle is left to cool before packing into sell-able sizes.

* This article is meant for Visit Malaysia Year 2014.Due to some unforseen reason, it was not selected.

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