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[App Review] MyVoucherBee

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 Starts up scene is getting hotter in Johor Bahru too. LerLer will be at Startup Weekend Johor Bahru too. Hopefully, LerLer can prepare the pitch on time. Is there anyone want to team up with LerLer? LerLer is looking for team members too.

Back to the topic. MyVoucherBee is a mobile application by Johor Bahru starts up. As LerLer's background in computer science, I can't help exploring this app. To add on, some of the girls like to use vouchers to save money. Ya.  That is me. A bonus point to the app. Not enough money  ahhhhhhh

What inspire them to create this app?

We are consumers. We have been enjoying the benefit of vouchers from various companies like Watson, McDonalds, or Aeon. However, there are some issues with these vouchers. If it is paper vouchers, we tend to forget to bring along. Another issue is, there is no one place to get all vouchers. We have to go to different websites, magazine or promotion book to collect them. This is quite time consuming and troublesome. Thus, MyVoucherBee is developed by Infinete Loop Media to solve all issues above. When you go out, vouchers will be in your pocket.

by  Infinete Loop Media.
A simple application that have all the vouchers you need

List of promotions, deals or vouchers. Scrolling up and down to find the one you needed.

Find the detail of the voucher. Show the voucher to the merchandise. For example, LerLer shows this Friday Promotion to Golden Secreen Cinema. Thus, LerLer gets free 1 ticket for movie show. 
PS: Interstellar is a good movie. 

There is a share function for the deal you find in the app.

Currently,  it is available for android users. The iOS version will be out soon.


#Tips: Use the smart way to save money. Use MyVoucherBee

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