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5 Things About Youtube Acting You Want To Know

22 December 2014

Director: Hi! Do Macherie Johor Bloggers want to try out video shooting?
LerLer: Wow! Sound interesting. Let me discuss with my girls

That how Macherie Johor Bloggers first embark  onto video shooting. Tony from Johor Kaki also did a simple video production before. We were very grateful for the invitation from Infinete Loop Media. We made our way into Youtube. Even though is it just "Kalafe" / small actor characters,  Mr. Ang's friends support the idea too. That was the start of our small acting experience.

1) Simple Make Up is The Basic Rule

Simple make up is essential for video shooting
For ladies, you are required to apply  some foundation/BB Cream/CC Cream on face. The lighting equipment that used on production is really bright. I was advised not to look into the light. It will affected our eyesight for a moment. If you doesn't apply foundation, you will look like vampire under the bright light. Thanks to Carinn. She help me with the make up. Some lighter colour powder help to highlight my nose and cheek bone.

2) Follow Production Crew's Instruction

Director and crew members will give you a briefing on the story board. After listen to the story board, I have a feeling it will be just eating or walking around scene. The next conversation shocked me.

Director: Louis! so who will be the main character?
Louis: I think she will the right person. ( His eye was on me)
LerLer (Thinking): May be is Sherlyn ( that was beside me)
Director: Yeah. I have the same thought too. LerLer! you will be the main character.
LerLer: WHAT??? Sherlyn will be a better choice right? Right?

Sherlyn was wearing a very beautiful floral dress. While me? I was wearing my office wear with very light make up. In the end, we respect production crew's decision.

3) Waiting is Part of The Shooting  Process

We can't eat the food because the dishes are props

Food preparation need time. Every scene need time to set up. Every shoot need practice.

4) Again, Again, and Again

Guess how many time I walk through the door?

Answer: I walked 8 times for 10 seconds scene. I really salute to the production crew.

5) Many Scenes for 30 Seconds Video

Behind Scene
A simple scene need to take from different angle. Thus, the action is repeated. The video crew and lighting crew  keep need to move the equipment around.

In summary, it was a great experience to work out with the video production team. We have better understanding on video production. So, check out our video at below.

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  1. Replies
    1. *Shy Princess and you have more scenes. Good Job !!

  2. Haha Ler, great post! :D You were the best main character lah! :D

    1. You can be main character too. I am aiming to be "Kalafe" LOL


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