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3 Myths About Carpool

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Carpooling is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car.
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Carpool idea does not seem to be popular in Malaysia? Are you sure? Let discuss some myths.

Myth 1) Carpool idea is out-dated

FALSE. The common scenario in Malaysia is most of the adults will own a car after graduate. While, some family may afford a vehicle for the child during tertiary education.
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When all the cars are saturated at one place, this scenario is called traffic jam.  Kuala Lumpur seem to be quite infamous of traffic jam too. This create some big headache for drivers

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Another common scenario in Malaysia is double parking. There always seem not enough car parks around the good food store or bank area. Double park is the easy way out.

The solution to solve all mentioned problems is carpool. Five persons in a car to the destination.


  • Save petrol
  • Save time
  • Save space
  • Save money
  • Someone to chitchat while on the road
  • Save parking lot

So is carpool idea still outdated?

Myth 2) Carpool is NOT Safe

FALSE. Quick question. Is driving safe?  There are many factor to determine a driver's safeness on the road.
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  • Good car engine condition
  • Good tyre condition
  • No pot holes on the road
  • Everyone drive at safe speed
  • Driver's behaviour
For ladies, LerLer understands your concern. Just in case readers are not aware, LerLer is a lady by gender. (PS: but in real life, I am boyish... sometime). There is a function in Tripda to solve this problem

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Ladies drivers can just pick up ladies. On the other hand, lady passengers are ease of worry  while riding with a lady drivers. Happy ending for both drivers and passengers.

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Myth 3) No Idea on Carpool

FALSE. We has been practising carpool concept in our daily live. Think about it.

  • Lunch appointment among colleagues
  • A relax celebration at a far far away restaurant (somewhere quite far from campus) among friends after tough exam
  • House visiting with friends and relatives during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Hari Gawai or Deepavali Festival
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This is just some carpool habits we did't realise. We can upgrade this habit to the mobile app too.

In summary, check out Tripda App now. 

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