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Boost Your Travel with These 5 Tools

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Refer to this blog title, readers understand that LerLer is a travel blogger. I enjoy packing too

1) Universal Travel Adapter

Link: Sakano Universal Travel Adapter
Malaysia is the top five nation for smartphones usage. However, when phone battery flat, every users still need to charge their phone. Each countries have different power supplies and power plug. Thus, universal travel adapter is essential for travellers.

2) Sunglasses

Link: Sunglasses

Travellers will use eyes to see beautiful scenery. On blazing hot day, you may not able to open your eye. A pair of good sunglasses can help to protech your eyes. Another advantages of sunglasses is to avoid eye contact. Some countries have stall keepers will approach travellers for business. As sunglasses cover up our eyes, 80% of facial expression is unreadable. Thus, less pestering events will happen.

 3) Portable Mini Folding Hanger

Link: Mini folding hangers
Portable and mini are 2 keywords for backpackers. Mini folders hangers can used to hand clothes during travel period. 

4) Outdoor Waist Bag

Link: Waist Bag
Waist Bag can used to keep important documents or cash.  As waist bag can be wear inside of clothes, it can prevent crime from happening.

5) Mirror-less Camera

Link: Olympus Camera
Most of the travellers will have photography as hobby. I am a lady traveller. I prefer a light weight camera with high functionalities. Olympus mirror-less camera has the fastest viewpoint finder in the world. Thus, camera

In conclusion, there are the five travel tools that I will bring along my travel gateway. What about you? Share with me your travel gadgets by commenting at below.

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