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Kuala Lumpur , Sitiawan trip part3

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31 August 2009

Happy Birthday to my 7th sister ^0^

Happy National Day :D

After listening to a night of motor engine firing each other. I still able t wake up as the earlist among my friends.

hmm that my natural instinct. 5am wake up and sleep at 10pm

today i get a chance to try sitiawan delicacies
  • chacha bing ( a kind of drink make up of fruits and jelly, yummy yummy)
  • kampua mee
  • wantan (laksa soup based)
  • wantan (qing tang based)
  • luo mee
Luo mee is very different from i tasted before. it have bomboo shoot and "mu err" in it. the noodle is thinner than the usual penang lou mee. I really enjoy the meal

next we visit Teluk Batik and Lumut.

Teluk Batik is a beautiful and calm lagoon. although it does not have white and flour like sand or crystal clear sea water (like pudau redang), it give me a sense of calmness and relax. Living in hectic city life have almost let me forget the beauty of the nature. how I wish i could just stay in the arm of mother nature sometime . how i wish i could lead a quiet and peaceful life.

Due to my right ankle injury, i dare not walk further into the sea. standing quietly at the side, watching friends dating and chatting was a pleasant experience too.

afternoon, i finally get to taste fuchow "ang chow mee sua". it is sweet and tasty. the unique and a bit of alcohol smell make me warm. the red wine is said good for lady too. especially after delivery. i was luck to taste this marvelous dish.

dadaada ^0^ the most important event of the day
the birthday celebration
we just love this event where we can "bully" our birthday girl.
hahaha but this time she is more clever, she quickly took the candles immediately after she blow the candle.
this can not escape from our sister devil plan. pressing deep the strawberry and asking her to take it out with mouth.
hahahahah i think this will be a beautiful memory in the future

climax time
after 15 minutes wait at the seri manjung bus station, 7th sister called back and realised we wait at the wrong bus station
oh no, 6 of them supposed to take the bus. (sitiawan to kl bus)
flashing light speed, they jump into the car and began the Hollywood style of car race after bus.

when my aunt come and fetch me, she felt so weird that none of my friends wait with me. i explained the situation to her.

unfortunately, they do not managed to catch up with the bus. they need to buy another ticket at 7.30pm.

lesson: ask before wait at the bus station

lastly a big bg thank to my aunt. she stew the famous pork leg for 6 hours just for me to pack home. she even drive me to the factor to buy my favourite dessert, "ansun xiang ping", banana keropok and famous ansun zhu chang fen. She is indeed an angel in my heart


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