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Kuala Lumpur, Sitiawan trip part2

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30 August 2009

Today only I realise that my bus ticket is different from the jk couple bus ticket. however, it is on the same platform. therefore, we wait at the same platform. jk couple hopped onto the bus while i wait for my bus. when my bus enter the platform, i stepped down to approach the us. but the bus driver stop me. he say i should take the jk bus. so i went to jk bus. then the jk bus said bukan bukan pula. out of no way the coordinator come and scold me. i went blur and can not understand what he said. in the end i took jk bus. mong chacha

we reach seri manjung around 2pm. meet up with old friend is the best thing we chat and laugh and talk so lound at the bus station. hahahah very very fun

lunch is seafood. we have
  • crab
  • fried sotong
  • steamed fish
  • fuchow fishball
  • clam
  • see snail
very very delicious
dinner we went ipoh to have ga chai chicken rice. lotsof people queuing up to have the chicken rice


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