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Kuala Lumpur, Sitiawan trip

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29 August 2009

Finally I can take some breaks of from my hectic internship and went on a north trip.
I took a 9am bus and reach pudu around 1.30pm.
Tonight, I will be staying with my "seventh sister" Jolin house.

she is the only one in relationship. Thus,it is not surprise to see her walking around and holding hand with her boyfriend, Siput. Hmm, fate is weird to me some time. Siput was once our liaison officer and companion during orientation. From uni-kopitiam forum, the got to understand each other better and fall in love. why??? why???? from friend become lover. hmmm may be the relation between mars and venus is hard for me to understand.

ok back to the topic, jolin' dad pick me up from pudu and brought us to eat lunch. we have steamed fish head for lunch. the Fish head is really big and on top of it is filled with thick ginger paste. yummy delicious.

when reach jolin home, only i knew that it was a big day for her family. her relative is coming for a gathering. while jolin second sister boyfriend is coming too. ^0^

her mum really is a great cook. her redang, chaw siew and other dishes was marvelous. the tender and full of spice rendang is a heaven for my taste bud. the tenderness of the chicken meat is unbelievable. next is the chaw siew. my second time to taste a brown charsiew. homemake charsie has less oil but the sweetness of the charsiew source was kept inside the meat. every bite is filled with the tasty sauce.

hehehehe the biggest show have come. boyfriend is coming. suddenly, all the spoil drawer was repaired, choose a lot of clothes to wear. wear make up. very lady like, wash this and that, serve this and that. wah very very busy loh. while watching anime and watching them busy here and there. hmm interesting.

however, in the end the boyfriend late also. from 7pm change to 7.30pm, then 8.30pm then 9pm only see the real person. hmm handsome lah . but i feel quite weird when jolin mum ask all the lady to sit on the dinning hall and observe the boyfriend. aiyayayayayaya, absolutely weird for me

Travel expenses for this trip:
JB->KL bus ticket = RM31.00
Accomodation + transportation +Food = RM30.70
Tibits + water = RM10.20


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