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上海之旅 2009 Travelling in Shaghai part a

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Day 1 (08/12/09) Tuesday

This is my sixth time visit China, fourth time visit shanghai. While this time is a bit more different from previous experience. ^0^ this time I travel alone. Traveling been my hobby however self-travel is a bit different experience from previous. I have a chance to visit the place i want, shop till death (hmm actually I was not a good shopper, just like to window shopping). Although it may be a bit lonely sometime, especially while window shopping.

On the first day of my trip I met an extraordinary event. Before departure, I was just wondering who will be sitting beside me. After boarding, I released that I was very lucky to have a “lengzhai” sitting beside me. He has that kind of book worm or nerdy look, with thick black square spectacle, a bit Korean like hair style. To add on, he is definitely very fair. Hehehehehhe I think is quite cool and interesting for me to have a chance to sit beside a “lengzai” in my lifetime (che a…)

He kept sleeping throughout the journey. He look like a “sleeping beauty” to me. Okok at this point I need to admit that he was the type I like. The only chance we talk is when filling immigration custom form. That even is me the first to speak. It is very weird when you are filling form and some one was starring at your pen. Hahahahabut then again he was so kawaii type.


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