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上海之旅 2009 Travelling in Shaghai part b

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Day 2 (09/12/09) Wednesday

Due to dad’s career, we have chance to attend business type dinner once n some time. However, this day is the most unforgettable one. China,a country with five thousand year of history. It have some many culture and ritual.but some are unwritten. I got to experience it this time. It is called the the alcohol culture, smoke culture and communication culture.

Alcohol culture /酒文化

Smoke culture/香烟文化
晚餐开始前,大家很爱派香烟给每个人。 大部分的男人都有抽烟的恶习。大家的烟把饭厅搞得“雾气式”。这一点我无法忍受



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