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Days in UNIMAS - hanging clothes 逛逛UNIMAS。 晒衣服篇

there are lots of ways hanging clothes in UNIMAS

during rainny day, we hang the clothes in the hall with the fan switch on

tied a string between 2 polls, and hang clothes

solution to hang bed sheet


  1. Hello, nice 2 meet u =)so this is one of Unimas Hostel looks like izit??...i'm the coming student who are going 2 further my study in UNIMAS n getting worried how is gonna be there...Btw is de hostel clean n how abt de environment??...

  2. HI This is Kolej Bunga Raya. May I know what course you going to study? Starting from year 2009, hostel will be divided according to students' faculty. I graduated in year 2010.The latest info I not too sure.I stayed in Kolej Bunga Raya for 3 years. I really like this hostel because It was the biggest apartment and good room layout( for me lah). May I know which hostel you were assigned to? you can refer to or the one describe on the UNIMAS hostel. feel free to ask me ^^

  3. i will be studyin for computer science n living in kolej alamanda...kinda nervous d...hehex

  4. hi same as me... kolej alamanda very near to FCSIT, our faculty. last time the food there quite nice.. not sure how was it now. Kolej alamnda is a good hostel. However, their kitchen have no water. hanging clothes erm need to cooperate with your house mate then should be ok. Don't worry if you join lots of kolej activities.. you can apply for single room. there is a University Sarawak Malaysia group in fb. they been posting some tips.

  5. hi if you can understand chinese please refer to
    this is more updated version

  6. Oic, so cn u tell me more abt computer science as i dun really noe wat abt it?..hehe Btw is de rules in Unimas really tat strict?..if my hair is brown colour do i nid 2 dye it black?...

  7. ...UNIMAS rule aahhh first year first sem sure you 100% follow once second sem.... all kind rule you know how to break without notice.... Strict ahh.. depend on how you see it... Malaysia common sense rule... the pants must be over the knee, must be back before 12am.... For orientation week, it is a must to have black hair.. alternative for girl is wear tudung.... Most of my friend dye back... but the dye they use not so good one... if you really don't want to dye back black, please use black hair spray for that 7 days..

  8. computationa science aka CS = confirm sucess. Overall in IT, there are 5 majors:Software engineering, network, multimedia, information system. while UNIMAS IT faculty see the potential of mathemetic with IT. that why it come out with CS. if not mistaken, CS only offer in UIMAS(sorry i not so updated). cs mainly concentrate in math, business and IT. It was realative new concept in IT world. Thus when come to job searching, we have more variety because we know every basic of other IT major.

  9. You have the choice to change the major after you study first sem. all major study the same basic of IT in first sem.. During orientation week, talk to each major liason officer or senior to understand more. During first sem take your time to think weather CS suit you or not.... Starting 2009 all 3 years course change to 4 year so there are some changes..more math will be learn for CS. If you like math, then it will suit you.^^

  10. i like math but nt vry gud at it...hehe btw in Unimas gt wat bank?...will be easier 4 me 2 get money from my parents...

  11. RHB bank and ATM is at the chancellor building. I think they move the Bank ISLAM ATM to new campus too....(last time is at old campus) Please take note that there are Bank islam, Rhb and maybank outside the school campus. If you apply PTPTN, you will need Bank Islam acc.

  12. Owh ltr i c i take wat bank wat is de most important stuff for us newbies need 2 take there?...u bring de hang cloth stuff there a?...n science computer hard 2 learn izit?

  13. Stuff for new bie:
    1) all the document stated in your offer letter (is very hard to find photocopy machine during the first week of uni)
    2) all those photocopy cert please certified by your hometown teacher (some lecturer need to see ori only chop for you)
    3) clothes depend on individual
    4) hanger(you can either buy at uni coperasi or bring a few there else contact a van sewa or rent a car to bring you out to buy)
    5) padlock (... sorry to say that no safe place in malaysia, keep you thing safe)
    6) kain buruk( need to wipe the table bed blalalaa)
    7) formal shoes( black working lady shoes MUST HAVE)
    8) black slack pants (MUST)
    9) document perjalanan terhad
    10)healthy body(^^)

    sarawak no gardenier bread.. so for peninsular people we usually bring a row there ^^

  14. science computer hard 2 learn izit?
    first 2 months is a bit hard to understand but no worry after a while you can catch thing up and understand.

    For laptop, printer, hp is up to you.. do you have a laptop now?

    ooh ya extension plug is up to you to bring or to buy there.. unimas no sell need to go out campus to buy.

  15. wah somany thing 2 prepare!!...i buy laptop d but lots more haven complete...must buy lot of stuff wo...btw how come u change to kolej bunga raya after tat??...

  16. I was staying in Kolej Bunga Raya for my entire tertiary study. I was 2007 intake.In year 2007, it was random assignment of hostel. Starting in year 2009, UNIMAS start to assign hostel according to their faculty. This is better because students can access easily to their faculty. New procedure of changing hostel/kolej seem to be impossible. Please find out the latest detail during your orientation week ^^

  17. okay, thanks for all ur was very helpful...sry for any incovenience k =)


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