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Days in UNIMAS - hostel 逛逛UNIMAS。 宿舍篇

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This is just my point of view on UNIMAS hostel

kolej alamanda -> beside small lake and have beatiful view of green golf club. Canteen serve good food especially burger ramli.

kolej sakura -> it was designed by japanese architecture thus, the hostel style is japanese style. very room is a bit small however all the furniture were arrange neatly. I personally find that the building design is a bit dark where less sunlight can be shone in. Stay here for 1 week when doing liaison officer. Most kawaiistudents in UNIMAS

kolej cempaka -> it was one of the newest hostel in UNIMAS. It is aportment style where the hall and kitchen is a bit small. however, the hall and kitchen 's floor is layout with tar. one disadvantage is less place for students to hang clothes. thus, during weekend the corridor is full with wet clothes.

kolej bunga raya -> it was like a hotel. everythings was so big especially the space. the hostel was facing the scenery UNIMAs lake while the back of the hostel was facing forest. thus i called it a hotel. I stay here for my entire 3 years study.

kolej carnation -> it cater for foreigner. all the rooms were equip with air conditioner. furniture was different from other kolej. it was specially reorder to fit the student height. it is the most expensive hostel in UNIMAS. RM450 per month. for a normal double room in UNIMAS only cost RM396 per semester.

Kolej Seroja -> hmm hmm it was next to jungle. it was a traditional hostel where students can easily interact with each other. my experience of staying there for a week is enough.

Kolej Kenanga -> specially cater for pelapis and kadet polis. the apartment is the bigest among UNIMAS hostel. you can even play badminton in the house.

kolej perubatan -> 5 star hotel. the hostel apartment is equip with washing machine , fridge, televisyen and sofa. each study table have a high speed lan cable. (no need to wait for buffering ^0^). the hostel price same as the main campus. the only hostel that allow to cook. the bathroom and toilet is very big too. Visited when working part time as lab demonstrator.

Kolej sebayu -> not yet have a chance to visit

Kolej Tun Ahmad Zaidi (Taz) - it is near kolej Bunga raya and cempaka. Erm due to its location is near  forest, thus there are lots of bird nest. I found it smelly and lots of mosquitoes. The layout is some out different from each floor.  There is one floor the layout is so bad that it was almost wet all the time. However, this kolej seldom throw students out of hostel. Even if you are out of hostel, you can apply TAZ ... success rate is almost around 80%. One good thing about this hostel is the canteen food is quite nice.

photo will be uploaded later.
rented house -> full with freedom


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