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Infosys Program 15 May 2010 to 27August

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Finally Infosys program started.
very happy that i was selected for the program even though i was not a brilliant student

really enjoy showing new participants from other universities to their hostel

however, the next thing shock me was
-tight schedule
->for 3 weeks non stop attend module. which mean no weekend for us. sayonaro, good bye my beautiful saturday and sunday. i can not go travel around kuching or unimas.

-no internet access during class
INTERNET, INTERNET. but first i must admitted that i was addicted to internet. life without internet is terrible, i can not bear it
(but now get use to it liao)

at same teaching lab start to know new friends from various university. It been great to know a lot of friends although my great great unimas friends has gone home. sometime i still miss them, because it been 3 years for us together

may all go well during infosys program


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