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Into the new classical

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22 May 2010, experienced a truly unique dance performance.
very grateful that i can participate and help out in the charity dinner night

the theme is very special : into the new classical
it was created by the principal of Tyng Dance Academy, Ms Chan Tyng Tyng.
She is truly a creative, brave and brilliant ladies i ever met

Into the new classical mean let us forget all the dance movements that we learn before let go of the burden, use our creativity and move forward . into the new era of dance. into the new classical.

I just love it

the charity dinner show also include beautiful modals to present the latest fashion.

kids are enjoying themselves

really love the way kids dance

dance is really a good exercise
-improve self confidence
-improve creativity
-you will just love it
-is part of our life

it is truly an unforgettable night. ^0^

very happy ^0^ can help to create program flow menu


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