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Bako national park trip-26/06/10 Chapter 3 Experience with wild life

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3.1 Greeting from the snake
While taking photos at Lintang trait, a snake silently slide beside us. Alu was the first to notice it and told us. We went silent and watch the snake slide in front of us. I was so amazed that I went paralyzed and forget to take photo

3.2 Greeting from the wild boar
Wild boar was always around our hostel. They come in all kinds of sizes

3.3 Greeting from proboscis monkey
Long nose monkeys are rare to see. The nest time to view them are around 6pm in the evening and 7am in the morning. They will be up high in the tree loking. Unlike silver tail monkey, they are more shy and always keep a distance from human.

3.4 Greeting from fireflies.
I love to watch fireflies. They are amazing insert with lamp. It was beautiful to see that they are flying around the mangrove trees at night. From far, it look like chritmas tree with lot of shining little light. To add on, if the sky was clear, starry night was just above your head.


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